Soccer Cleats⚽️

The History of the soccer cleats

History of soccer cleats

Back then in the 1800's all the players had to wear thier hard leather work boots that has a

Steel toe cap on and that were to thier ankles. And the villagers had to hammer studs to the bottom of thicker shoes.To make have a stronger grip to the ground.

My connection to the soccer cleats

I always loved to play soccer I've been playing since I was 5 years old but neverd had soccer cleats. I didn't get my first pair soccer cleats when I was 6 it was on my birthday .

Now that older I got new ones. I really like them because when your playing in the rain and the grass is wet the cleats can have a better grip on the ground then the regular shoes. Right now I have some really cool pair of hypervenom phantom. I'm just glad they invented the new soccer cleats. ✌️

Hypervenom phantom

Day In The Life Of...

I think soccer player would wear cleats. Because they need them tho get a good grip on the ground so they won't slip when their playing in the rain. I think the sorccer player life is kind tuff hard and fun because they always got to train when a match is coming up or els they are not going to do very well the fun in it is the players could go out there in the field and making al, the goals and the people cheering them on. One person I know who wears hypervenom is Neymar Jr he always play in them because he says it just like playing with out shoes