Harris Newsletter

Edition 1, Volume 2 Nevaeh, Logan, Evan Ethan, Ellea

Jefferson Happenings

February 5th there is a PBIS assembly, also Perfect attendance tickets are handed out. Friday, February 12th is our Valentine’s day party!! On February 15th and 16th no school! For the roller skating party that we had on Sunday, 375 students got to come. 17 students didn’t get a ticket. Each month 94% of jefferson gets a certificates.
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Spotlight on Staff- Mrs. Millsap

I recently interviewed Mrs. Millsap to get to know her better and this is what I found out.

Favorite singer? Chase Rice and Thomas Rhett is a favorite right now. This changes a lot!

Why did you want to be a principal? I love school. I have always loved school. I would be a full time student if I could. Being a principal allows me to be at school all the time and be around kids and a love for learning.

What’s your favorite restaurant? Olive Garden

What are your hobbies? Going to concerts, reading, singing very loud and proud.

Where did you work before here? Waukee Community Schools as a special education teacher and Adel-DeSoto Minburn Schools as a 6th Grade Reading and Language Arts teacher and a Special Education Teacher

What’s your favorite book? Children’s Book: Ida B or Wonder. Adult book: Kitchen House or Memory Keeper’s Daughter

What’s your favorite sports teams? NBA: Chicago Bulls College: Hawkeyes or UNI Panthers NFL: Chiefs

What’s your favorite PBIS assembly of all the years of being principal at Jefferson? My favorite assembly was when we did the flash mob. Students loved it and you could feel the energy in the room.

What’s your favorite movie? Walk to Remember or Pitch Perfect

What’s your favorite TV show? Grey’s Anatomy (Although I don’t really watch any TV. My boys ALWAYS have it on ESPN!

What’s the best part and worst part of being a principal? Best part- When students are excited about their new learning and using it in innovative and creative ways! I love to see students blossom both academically and socially.

Worst part-- Not being able to help students as much as I want to or when students make poor choices and I have to be unhappy with them.

What’s your favorite sport? Basketball for sure (to watch anyway).

When’s your birthday? January 7

What’s your favorite season? Summer! I love the sunshine and heat and beach

What’s your favorite type of candy? MMMM.. I haven’t really met a candy I don’t like. Favorite is probably 3 Musketeers and Jelly Belly

What’s your favorite color? Black and Purple

What’s your favorite animal? Owls!

What’s your favorite food? Macaroni and Cheese or any Italian food or CANDY


Have you ever wondered how many students get referrals each year? Well, I asked Mrs. Mariner and she told me that last year there were 625 referrals by 129 students. I don’t get why we don’t know how to follow the rules.

If you ask me I think this is surprising how many referrals we could get in one year. We should try not to get referrals because it will make your friends think this guy is mean let’s not be friends anymore.

If you didn't know 96% percent of us earned skating party certificates out of 375 kids. I'm amazed by how many of us got certificates for the skating party. Great job Jefferson!

If you have been wondering when we started PBIS celebrations. We started August 2013 that is not to long ago. We have been doing a good job at being a CARS school. In the few years it has been way better when CARS came to our school. I am proud of being a Jefferson kid.

Book/Author Talk

Rules by Cynthia Lord

If you haven't read the book Rules I think you should. It's about 12 year old Catherine who has a brother named David who has Autism.

She has spent years trying to teach David how to act by giving him rules to follow like, “Don’t run down the clinic hallways,” and “Sometimes you have to work with what you got.” Some more are,

“Sometimes People don’t answer because they didn’t hear you. Other times it’s because they don’t want to hear you.” And “At someone else’s house you have to follow their rules.”

Some things people have said about it, Brooklyn age 9 “It’s a good book, and I just think it’s cool how it has some disabled kids as the main part.” Logan age 10 “When Jason who can’t talk and do all the stuff we can makes a friend.” Abbey age 9 “It’s interesting book with different kids that don’t understand the same things we can understand.” Cherish age 10“I like how new characters pop up and how there are rules that David has to follow.” Nevaeh age 9 “I like how Catherine meets Kristi who is nice to David and helps with him while Kristi’s brother Ryan is mean to David.” Amanda age 10 “I would say it’s pretty good so far, Catherine makes word cards for Jason because he can’t talk.”

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Who do you want to win the super bowl? The teams that are in it are the Panthers and the Broncos they both have a very very good defense but on offence Panthers got 49 points against the number 2 seed Cardinals but the Broncos got 20 points and allowed 18 points against the Patriots and the Panthers allowed 15 points things look good for the Panthers. Who do you want to win super bowl 50!?