The Grantsaris Gazette

May 30-June 3


Hi families,

Wow! Here we are at the end of the year. I cannot express to you what a joy and privilege it has been to teach this year's learners. They have worked so hard and their progress has been truly incredible. The children who walked into this classroom at the beginning of the year are leaving now as independent, confident students who are READY for 5th grade. I know that as they grow, they will continue to do even more and to prove themselves ready for whatever is thrown at them. I am so proud of them and will miss them very much next year. Here are the announcements for this coming week. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!

Monday: No School, Enjoy the Long Weekend!

Tuesday: Book Buddies Field Trip to Valplayso

  • Our book buddies field trip will begin at 11:00 and we’ll return around 1:30. We’ll be eating lunch at Valplayso.

Wednesday: Ice Cream Celebration, Move-Out Day

  • Our Ice Cream Celebration will be to celebrate all of the hard work the students have done with mastering their multiplication facts! For every number mastered (i.e. 6’s, 7’s, 8’s) each student earned an extra topping for the ice cream party! I’m so proud of all the work they’ve done. Thank you so much to the parents who sent in materials for the party!

  • Move-Out Day: Because field day is Thursday, I’d like for students to take all of their belongings home from school today (Wednesday). I would definitely recommend bringing in an extra bag or two to hold everything (reusable grocery bags work GREAT!).

Thursday: Field Day

  • We’ll be at Sunset Hill Farms all day for Field Day! The forecast right now says it’ll be warm with a chance of rain. Please have children remember to wear sunscreen and bugspray. GYM SHOES ARE A MUST! I’d also recommend having your child bring a waterbottle with them. They’ll be responsible for their water bottle, but it’s definitely worth it if the day is hot!

Friday: Last Day of School, Game Day!

  • To celebrate the last day of school, if students would like to bring in a card or board game to play with their classmates in the afternoon, please let me know! I’ll be bringing mad gab (one of my favorites!), but we’ll definitely need more! If you *DO* decide to bring in a board game, please make sure:

    • The game has ALL of it’s pieces AS WELL AS THE INSTRUCTIONS

    • Is age appropriate

    • Doesn’t have too many small parts (those tend to get lost and no one wants to lose game pieces)

    • Doesn’t take too long to play (Monopoly probably wouldn’t be a good choice…)

    • Examples of Great Games for Game day:

        • Uno

        • Headbandz

        • Card Games (Old maid, Go Fish, etc.)

        • Clue

This Week in our Classroom


No more spelling tests for the remainder of the year!


We are reading The Lightning Thief as a group and utilizing all of the comprehension skills we've learned this year.


Our last time test will be on Tuesday when we return from the long weekend--please keep practicing those basic facts!

Indiana History

We will be wrapping up the year with Indiana History Unit 5. There will not be a test over this chapter, but we will get through as much as we can until the end of the school year.

"Welcome to 4th" Prezi

On back to school night, I shared this prezi presentation with parents and students. It gives a quick introduction to our classroom rules and what to expect this year. Here's the link if you'd like to view it!