solar energy

by : Shahreefah

how does it works ??

when sunlights hits an object it warms up ;but now scientist have found away to use the same process but converts this sunlight in to electricty when this was first tried we used silcon this produced an electrical current , silcon did this because the electrons the electrons in the big crystals jump up and move all over when exposed to tje light the silcon did not just stay in one place and heat up they converted the sunlight into electricty , but to further continue the practice would be to expensize because big crystal cost to much to grow . the newest way we found of doing this was to use smaller crystals such as copper -indium-gallium-selenibe , these can now be shaped into flexible selenibe , these can be shaped into flexiable films (thin-film) but its not as good as silcon when it comes to turning light into energy electricty . when it transfers energy it uses speeding photons ,photns are created in the center of the sun and when realesed travel so fast that they get to eart in 8 mins

how is it distribute it self to consumers

when the sunlight turns into electricty the power is distributed to wear it is needed whether its needed in a fridge or a celing energy the energy star from the top and goes to the bottom .

15% of solar energy is provided to canadians 🍁🍁🍁