The Parthenon

By Jesse Henrich


Have you ever heard of the Parthenon that once held the might statue of Athena? In this essay I will talk about the Parthenon, its purpose in the ancient days, what it symbolizes, and what impact it had on history. In this essay you should be able to answer these three questions and learn several new facts along the way.

Paragraph 2

The temple’s main function was to shelter the monumental statue of Athena that was made by Pheidias out of gold and ivory. The Parthenon construction cost the Athenian treasury 469 silver talents. While it is almost impossible to create a modern equivalent for this amount of money.

Paragraph 3

The Parthenon was started in 447 bc and was finished in 438 bc. It was built by Ictinus and Callicrates, who were supervised by the sculptor Phidias. The Parthenon symbolized Athenian wealth. It showed that they were the wealthiest and they built the Parthenon to show everyone. The Parthenon's foundations were made of limestone while the columns are made of marble.

Paragraph 4

To this day the Parthenon is still a monument of beauty and inspiration in Athens and all over the world. It also proves that through everything that it has been through, it still stands in Athens today and amazes people just as well as thousands of years ago. The Parthenon has been rocked by earthquakes, set on fire, shattered by exploding gunpowder, looted for its stunning sculptures and defaced by misguided preservation.


Now you should be able to answer the 3 question. What the Parthenon's purposes in the ancient days were. What it symbolizes. And the impact it had on history. Thank You for your time.