British Displacement

How might have settlers brought goods to Canada?


The settlers used big ships such as galleons and carracks to transport goods from Britain to Canada.


  • Galleons used to get to Canada from Britain
  • Galleons used in 16th and 17th centuries
  • Faster, hold six times more cargo than carrack
  • Passengers slept on hammocks because of limited space


  • Carracks are smaller and slower than galleons
  • Carracks were used in 15th and 16th centuries
  • Transported goods such as knives, guns, and wine


The sun, stars and some astronomer tools were used for navigation, and to identify the time, longitude, and latitude.

How does this connect to British Displacement?

  • In order to obtain furs, settlers traded goods.
  • Goods must be shipped from Britain
  • No way to transport goods = no fur trade
  • No fur trade = no need for colonization
The fur trade was the main motivation for British colonization. These fur traders, who most likely live in a colony close by, set out to travel long distances to trade for fur.