Killeen ISD

Getting a Clue about

Let's learn a few facts about Killeen ISD!

You will need:

  • an iPad (or personal device with a QR Code reader)
  • the Killeen ISD map
  • something to write with

Follow these steps:

  1. Read each clue.
  2. Scan the QR code next to number of the corresponding KISD building on the map legend.
  3. Read the fact about Killeen ISD and write down the one word in the clue that is in ALL CAPS.
  4. When you have written down all thirteen words, unscramble them to form a sentence about Killeen ISD!

The Clues!

  1. Make a bee line to this building if your wireless is down!
  2. Take a stage coach here and learn a new trade.
  3. No students here - they would be Board Meeting here!
  4. It's on Fort Hood - not our nation's capital.
  5. The city's second high school and home of the Screamin' Eagles.
  6. Not sure if there's a round table here, but there are certainly lots of knights.
  7. It was here, now it's there on a loop by a trail.
  8. A Center for Learning.
  9. The first high school of Killeen.
  10. You can get Support for Learning here.
  11. The only
  12. We're not sure you can really call that a mountain in your view.
  13. Name for a general, not a cobbler.