Mrs. Maxson's AVLS Class

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Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year here at Briarhill Middle School. We are so excited about the year ahead. We are going to learn a lot and laugh a lot. This will be a year of integrating technology, academic and personal growth. We look forward to sharing these experiences with your children!

Mrs. Maxson, Ms. Robin, Ms. Rita and Ms. Allison


The way I will send important information home is via edmodo. Please make sure you have set up your students Edmodo account. From there set up a parent account. If you would like, you can provide me your username and password so that if there is ever a problem, I can assist you. This site will be used to share pics, important dates, etc.

Meet our Teachers

Useful Apps

~ Useful Apps ~

Autism Apps - rates apps that are good for children with autism and sorts them by category
My Stories - make books and social stories
Educreations - white board app where you can record your words as you draw and then play it all back
CalmCounter - helps kids who are angry/agitated
MusicSparkle & PaintSparkle - may be too young for middle school kids, but my lower kids love them!
Wheels on the Bus - by Duck Duck Moose... all their apps are great!
Toy Story Interactive Storybooks - very well-done
Pocket Pond - this app is surprisingly calming for my kids with sensory issues
Fluid Monkey - another good calming sensory app
Glow Draw - cool drawing app
Letter School - excellent tracing app!
Magnetic ABC - virtual magnetic letters
Dora Rhyming - once again, may be too young, but a great phonics app!
iTubeList - allows you to search YouTube for videos and only make appropriate ones available to the kids. Couldn't live without this one!
Big Note - great typing app
5th Wiggle Game - if any kids are obsessed with the Wiggles, this is a must-have. :-)
Injini - this app is more expensive, but SO worth it! Very well done and comprehensive, I use it all the time. They've also got a cheaper app called "My Name", which has been excellent for my kids

Student Bio

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In the event your student has a behavior that needs to be addressed, a phone call or email or text will be sent according to your preference. If I am notifying you of a behavior, it is because the behavior has been extreme and I need support from home in addressing the behavior. Most behaviors will be addressed within the classroom and are looked at as opportunities to teach appropriate social skills. I do believe it takes all of us working together collaboratively to achieve the greatest success.

Erica Maxson

This is my 3rd year at Briarhill Middle School in the AVLS classroom. I have been in education for 14 years. This has been by far my favorite class to teach. I look forward to working with your students each day. I have three children. Brylie is 13, Coulter is 11 and Bella is 8. I love any type of outdoor activity. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I do have three children of my own, so if it is in the evenings, there may be a delay in the response time.

School Supplies

Due to the materials we use in class, I would like each student to purchase a $75 gift card to wal-mart. This will also save you time! I only want to purchase necessary items for students. This allows me to have materials specific to our curriculum needs. Please let me know if this is a problem.

$5.00 for a planner

PE Uniform-black shorts, gray shirt, socks, tennis shoes and deoderant:)

order uniforms by 30th for free shipping at

click Briarhill

chose PE

Enter Students name and initials on checkout/shipping page

For questions call 972-691-3557

Allow for growth and shrinkage

AVLS Social

Friday, Aug. 23rd, 2pm

Ritas Italian Ice, Highland Village Tx

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Picture Day

Thursday, Aug. 29th, 9am

2100 Briarhill Boulevard

Highland Village, TX

Please have your student ready for pictures first thing in the am.

Open House

Tuesday, Sep. 10th, 6pm

2100 Briarhill Boulevard

Highland Village, TX