Alfred Stieglitz

By: Shelby Blogumas

A Short Look on Alfred Stieglitz

On January 1, 1864 in Hoboken, NJ, Alfred Stieglitz was born. His family moved to Germany, where he went to school for engineering. He did not really think about photography until Hermann Vogel introduced him to the idea, therefore sparking his love of photography. Alfred used photography in the many magazines he worked for. He even opened his own gallery called Photo secession. The point of opening his gallery was because he wanted people to think that photography is a form of art. He is the one that created the digital camera, and enhanced different ways to edit and create photography. He impacted the 1920's because he made people famous by showing their work in his galleries. He also spreaded photography and it allowed people to come closer together.
Alfred Stieglitz in Late Life - Last Photographs

Video Questions

  1. What can you say about Alfred's character after watching this video?
  2. How did Alfred have an impact on photography after he died?