Con Genetically Modified Foods

By: Nino Teruya

What Are Genetically Modified Foods

A genetically modified food are foods derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or more specifically, genetically modified crop. GMOs have had specific changes introduced into their genetic composition through the use of bio engineering techniques.

Small Farmers

Farmers in MDC's will have an advantage towards GM crop's because they have to rescources to get the water and the fertilizers for the crops.

The GM Technology Can Harm The Enviroment

Many of the earth's organisms are especially sensitive to the chemicals uses to enrich the GMOs, such as PCBs and dioxin. In addition, the use of these chemicals could possibly breed 'superbugs' and 'super weeds', which are organisms resistant to the chemicals. These super organisms could prove to be disastrous for both the economy and the environment.

GM Crops not Filtered.

The FDA, the Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency are very laid-back on their policies for GM foods. Biotech companies are not required to consult with the FDA on new GM foods, and even those that voluntarily do so do not have to follow the FDA's recommendations. In the United States, food companies are not required to label foods that are genetically modified. People purchasing food have no idea what they are actually eating, and people lack the option to choose non-GM foods. If a consumer becomes ill because of eating a food with GM ingredients, the consumer does not have the resources to trace the illness back to its source.