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Smoking will ruin how you live...

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Some Facts on Smoking...

- In a cigarette, there are many deadly poisons including acetone- removes nail polish, ammonia- household cleaner, arsenic- used in rat poisons and in bullets, and many more toxins and poisons.

- A cigarette also includes a very addictive drug called nicotine. It makes the tobacco user forced to use cigarettes (causes addiction).

- When someone uses the tobacco, it causes diseases like Atherosclerosis, Emphysema, Bronchitis, Leukoplakia, and Cancer, etc...

- The main plant that is used to make cigarettes is Tobacco. Tobacco might seem like it's not dangerous, but when the cigarette creators dress the tobacco in different harmful chemicals, then that makes the Tobacco toxic and dangerous.

- Circulation in the body decreases when you use cigarettes. So if you want to stay healthy, don't use dangerous drugs!

- Did you also know that marijuana can be eaten and/or smoked? So technically, Marijuana is a type of smoke-able drug.

- THC is the main ingredient in marijuana. So when it's smoked it produces over 2,000 chemicals for its product.

- Prevent smoking because Marijuana could lead to the use of other drugs... it's known as the gateway drug.