By: Rylee Bany

Actinide Metals

Well Actinide Metals are radioactive.They have A LOT of elements. There is also is a series through 15 chemical elements.Some Actinide Metals are thorium,uranium,neptunium,plutonium and a lot more.

Lanthanide Metals

Lanthanide Metals are one of the largest non-reactive metals.They are also so soft you could even cut it with a knife.Some Lanthanide metals are cerium,lutetium,and thorium.

Alkali Metals

A special element in Alkali Metal is Hydrongen.They are really reactive,how they are reactive is because they have one electron in there outer shell.

Alkaline-Earth Metals

The elements are metallic.They are also reactive.Since they are reactive they are not found in nature.They also use oxidation numbers of +2 to make them very reactive.Some Alkaline-Earth Metals are beryllium,magnesium,calcium and more.

Rare-Earth Metals

They are in a lot of electronic technologies.Such as T.Vs,fluorescent light bulbs,cell phones,and computers.Some of there metals are europium,erbium,lutetium,thulium,and a whole lot more.