Free Netiquette

Nick Von Rueden Hour 9

Things Not To Do Online

Don't post selfies!

People won't judge you on how you look, and if they do, they are not worth hanging out with, or even talking to!

Don't post what you are doing every single second of the day!

Noone cares unless a family member died, or if it involves them too. Anyways, that's for twitter.

Use correct grammar and punctuation!

Don't you dare post song lyrics.

Song lyrics without giving the author credit is illegal, and also very annoying!

E-mail etiquette

  1. Put a subject
  2. Put the name of the person you are trying to email at the top
  3. Type the body of your email
  4. Make it short, and get to the point
  5. Put a closing including your name

Lastly, Be Kind!

Treat others the way your would like to be treated!