6th Grade Leadership

1st Semester - 2015-2016


Dear Parents/Guardians of 6th Grade Leadership Students,

I will be the first to admit that when I caught a glimpse in August of the number of students on my 6th grade leadership roster, I was a little anxious. With approximately double the number from last year, I was concerned that I would not find enough for your students to do in class, and that I wouldn't be able to effectively supervise that many students working on various projects simultaneously. Thus I was quite transparent with this class from day one that they would need to mightily step up to the plate in being true leaders in our school - demonstrating integrity, trustworthiness, maturity, and enthusiasm to get the job(s) done well. I am so pleased to share that this class accepted this challenge and exceeded my expectations. It has been a busy five months with so much accomplished by your youth. As I have expressed as well to the class, I will be sad to see them move on to a different elective choice this next semester as they have most certainly become family to me. :)

Much of the rest of the newsletter will be a great number of pictures of your students at work (or sometimes at play). While I take pride in the service projects the class was a part of, I also emphasize that leadership is about coming together as a team - and - for our class, as a family. A few pictures represent bonding activities - quite often where students were challenged to work with a group randomly selected to create or accomplish tasks that were not always easy.

Before sharing the pictures, I thought I might try to list some of the "stand out" activities or projects that your students were involved with or, like Christmas Cheer, were active leaders from start to finish.

  • Assisted students with special needs during the DLC PE class
  • Helped with recycling throughout the school and frequently picked up litter outside
  • Promoted via posters special upcoming activities at the school
  • Created elaborate Spirit week posters displaying each dress up day with pictures
  • Encouraged kindness throughout the school with inspiring signs
  • Prepared four different bulletin boards with their own design
  • Organized or prepped for teachers with specific projects
  • Partnered with 7/8 leadership class in preparing popcorn each week
  • Participated in 2 student council meetings representing themselves as ambassadors to our student body
  • Assisted with a fall staff appreciation gift, and created over 80 sock snowmen for winter staff appreciation gift
  • Dedicated an hour and a half to working at Delbert Arboretum - cleaning benches, raking leaves, spreading bark chips, etc.
  • Stocked and restocked our student store
  • Participated and provided for an "Adopt-A-Family" during the holidays
  • Planned, organized, promoted, and facilitated an amazing food drive to support Christmas Cheer

I could add more to this list - but maybe it might be more fun to ask your own sixth grader what could have been added... :) We often watch "Kid President" movies on our "Motivational Monday(s)". Our last video clip was centered on the role of a hero. "Heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things that inspire others to be extraordinary." (Kid President) Your students are heroes to LaCreole and it has been a genuine pleasure celebrating their success along the way. Thank you. :)


Michele Schilling

A Plethora of Pictures...

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Christmas Cheer Promotional Video Link

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