featuring Eli Carriger the life of

The start

Run run go go yes layup yes i made the shot.This is basket ball where there are players that are from other states or school in your districk.teams compeat to the last straw to be the best team ever.


The pashion

first,Basketball is a natinal and districk sport it is a game where a team compeates to against a nother team and try to shoot a ball in a basket or in basketball into a bucket.The players have to have spirt or atleast a nuff to play on a team.

The begining

next to be strong players or in this case the whole team has to be condishoned and worked out daily in practice for the game. the couches help the team in there weakness to turn them in to streanths.

the new begining

bball is a love and hate sport good things can happen and so can bad things basket ball is fun athletic and a national sport bball is a good why to express your feelings and anger and thats y i choose bball the new start of your career.