12 Days of Stella & Dot

One Challenge a Day, One Prize a Day!


WEEKEND CHALLENGE WINNER- ASHLEY BARDASH! Ashley wins another Stella & Dot Gift Card for $25!

DAY 7 WINNER- ROXANNE HARRELL! Roxanne wins a Stella & Dot Waterbottle!



A Simple 10 Minute Challenge...
It's that time of year....time to share with others! I'm so glad the Stella & Dot opportunity was shared with each and everyone of you. I know this business has it's ups and downs....but what job doesn't? What is does offer is fabulous jewelry and design, fun work, a rewarding comp plan and a SUPER flex schedule....that can work in ANYONE's life. Yes ANYONE.

So...today's challenge is SIMPLE!

Take Action:

Email a friend or trunk show guest that you think would make a good stylist. Keep it simple....let them know why you thought of them, that you might be crazy ;) but couldn't stop thinking of them, that they should if nothing else...at least watch the Our Story video (include a link to the video on your website), and Why you love Stella & Dot. AND finally....when and how you'll follow up. (you can call, send more info in the mail, etc.) Need ideas? Find them in the WORDS TO SAY document in your stylist lounge.

Then....copy and paste your email on our team facebook page. Each email gets you one entry.....AND the gift is worth it! So...if you think of more...send more...just be sincere.

Here's the deal....you don't have to sponsor full-time stylists. Maybe they'll only do one trunk show a month.....that's okay! That's what's great about this business. Who knows...maybe you'll promote a rock star??

Lots of people have lots of different reasons for starting a Stella & Dot business. For some it's a need for something else in their life, something of their own, something to get them out of the house....but for a lot it's the need for ADDITIONAL INCOME.

SHARE this opportunity.

It could change someone's future!!

I know it changed mine.

Aren't you glad someone shared this opportunity with YOU?

To qualify....you must post your EFFORTS on our Facebook teampage.

(enter 8 out of 12 days for a chance to WIN BIG)Catching up is OK-I just want you to do it!!! EFFORTS IN = RESULTS OUT!

Katy Barnes, Director and Independent Stylist- LaCocoDots Team