A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin

Main character

Eddard Stark (protagonist)

  • He is in his mid-thirties
  • Has a long face, dark hair and dark eyes.
  • A closely trimmed beard.

Personality : He is known to not have a sense a humor but he's more of a political character who cares about justice and his family. Although some might consider his personality a sign of coldness and disdain.

He reminds me of me, kinda. I can be a little too serious sometimes and my face doesn't really bring joy to peoples eyes. Also, not as handsome as my brother.

Viserys (Antagonist)

  • Silver blond hair
  • Purple eyes
  • Hard, gaunt face
Personality: He's very demanding when it comes to things that needs to be done. He has pride of what he and his family and plotting revenge to reclaim the Iron throne.

He reminds me of one my sisters who always tell me and my younger brother what to do. She can be cruel and harsh but she can always be sweet. just like Viserys with his sister, Daenerys.

Protagonist Problem

Eddard Stark must go attend Kingslanding and see what has happened to Jon Arryn, saying he was murdred by the queen, a friend of his. In order to go he must become the Hand of the King.

Protagonist Memorable Moment

Eddard Stak memorable moment was when he had become the Hand of the King. When King Robert promoted him to be by his side once more as good friends they were in the past.

Protagonist's Important Action

That he was chosen to be come Hand of the King. In order to see what has happened to his good friend Jon Arryn, former Warden of the East and Hand of the King. Said by his wife's sister that he was murdered by the Queen. He tends to figure out what is going on.

Antagonist's Problem

Viserys Targaryen was exiled from the seven kingdoms all is left is his sister and himself.

Antagonist Memorable moment

Being exiled, running away from westeros, running out of money

Antagonist Important Action

Prince Viserys Targaryen is planning on selling/marrying his sister Daenerys (she's thirteen years old) to a barbarian lord named Khal Drogo, who leads a mighty army of Dothraki horsemen. (Viserys wants to marry his sister to Drogo so that he'll give him an army to win back the Seven Kingdoms.)

Other charater's Perspective on the Protangonist or Antagonist

Protagonist: Catelyn Stark, Eddard Stark's wife, has always adored her husband and how he always been protective over his family, but he seems to pay more attention with his ruling than her making her feeling a bit lonely.

Antagonist: Daernerys, Visery's sister, fears her brother when he becomes angry fearing the "dragon."He is also abusive towards her and deep down she knows her brothers hates her.

My Impression with the Protagonist

What I like most about Eddard Stark is how he very protective over his city, his people, and family, because most rulers would just dictate his people by abusing his power over them. What I dislike about him is his lack of sense of humor because I think he should lighten up a bit and loosen up. It doesn't hurt to smile to smile once and a while. What we both share is the attitude how he can be calm and also serious which I am as well people think I am serious, but i think it's my eyebrows.

My Impression with the Antagonist

What I like about Viserys is how he is very determined because he wants to reclaim the Iron Throne from those who taken it from him. What I dislike about him is that he very demanding, he isn't very relaxing. Well we kinda share them attitude when it comes to anger, i can be very grouchy when something is taken from me like my food.

Characterization in The End

Protagonist: Eddard Stark is a rounded character. He has a well reputation for caring his family and for justice. Is gonna soon to become Hand of the King.

Antagonist: Viserys Targaryen is a pretty flat character who is an antagonist he doesn't really show himself much in the book, but he is known for his plan to claim the Iron Throne.


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