4th Grade Gazette

This week and next in 4th!

Reading and Writing

For reading we will read stories that go with the theme, "What makes us who we are?" We will focus on reading skills - central idea and author's purpose.

For writing we will begin witing personal narratives.


In math, we will start Module 1 - place value, rounding, and algorithms for addition and subtraction.

Math homework will begin next Thursday, Aug 18th.

***If your child struggles on the homework go to EmbarcOnline.com for help that is specific to the lesson!!! This is a fabulous site you can click on the grade level, the module, and the lesson and it has a tutorial!!

*Your child can also visit the math lessons on Canvas if he or she struggles with the concept.

Science & Socail Studies

For science in the next couple of weeks we will study Earth Science - Volcanoes, weathering and erosion and Earth's changes over time.

In Socail Studies we will learn about the begining and growth of complex societies. The Mayan, Aztec, and Incan sivilizations!

Special Notes:

Tuesday 8/16 - Picture Day (you can get a link for ordering pictures from the office)

Tuesday 8/18 - 4th grade curriculum night (5:00 in room 513). A zoom link will also be sent as an option to attend.

Water! Please have your child bring a water bottle to school every day!

Thank you! - For all the classroon supplies you donated! Our families are awesome!