The Warrior Way

Week of January 4th

Welcome Back!

I hope that each of you took the time to enjoy the "little things" in life with your family and friends over the break. truly am excited to see each of you on Monday. It has been an outstanding break but I am looking forward to beginning the second half of our first year together! Don't forget that Joyce is providing breakfast in the cafeteria in the morning!

I know that each of us will have some adjusting to do as we get back on schedule from break but remember that our energy level and enthusiasm will directly affect the energy level and enthusiasm of our students. If we don't let them know how happy we are to be with them and how excited we are about the great things we are going to do together the chance of them being excited about the second half of the year decreases dramatically. I know this is going to be a great 2016! Let's all make sure our students know that too!!

As always thank you for everything that you do for our students!!

Proud to be a Warrior,


If you have not already done so please follow the "your center" link below to add your thoughts to the group. I have a plan for using your ideas for our building.

Plan for Monday

For our PD/work day on Monday you will have the first half of the day to work with your team or in your classroom. Please do what you feel is best to prepare you for the second half of the year. I will come around to check in with teams and teachers to see how everyone is doing and if I can assist in any way. Please feel free to stop by and see me if you have any questions or ideas. At 12:30 we will meet in the library as a staff. There will be a PBS review/refresher from our Tier teams along with information on how Front Row can be utilized in your classes. At 1:30 our presenters will arrive to talk about what we can do to continue to use Google in our building.

Jobs for the Week!

Morning meetings: 5th

Morning Announcements:Baez

Lunch count North: Bathe

Lunch count South: Perkins

Below is a link to a calendar of classroom jobs for the year. Please let me know if there any other classroom responsibilities that I should add. We may find the the need to add more throughout the year as well.


95.6% for the first half of the year. I am really pleased with our overall attendance this year. Thank you!
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The Week Ahead

Looking forward to a great 2016!

Monday January 4th-

8:00-Breakfast in the cafe-Provided by Joyce

12:30- Library-staff PD

1:30- Technology training-library and another room tbd

Tuesday January 5th:

Students are BACK!!!!!

Tier 2

Front Row

Bell Choir

Wednesday January 6th:

Early release-No Sparcl

PD- Staff members who attended Lucy workshop will present

Thursday Januar 7th:

Erin Baker-3rd grade

Front Row'


Tier 1

Friday January 8th:

Enjoy the completion of the first school week of 2016!

WOW staff!

Bromwich-NEHS Sponsors (Bridget, Dawn, Anya and Emilie)Awesome job rallying the troops for our Adopt A Families!

James-Bridget, Annette, Jeff-Thank you for making my week a whole LOT brighter!!!

Moore-Mrs. Eise. I would like to recognize Mrs. Eise for the enthusiastic way she teaches each and every day with her third grade class.

Perkins-staff-Thank you to all those who helped scrounge up two copies of Polar Express at the last minute!

Baez-Patti, Casey, Jessica-Thank you for answering all of my questions and helping me whenever I need the extra hand. All 3 of you have made this first year of teaching a little bit easier. I appreciate all of your help!

Schieffer-Annette-Thank you for all you do to help me pull things together!

Schieffer-Clint-Thank you for being flexible, and for all of your help making sure the carpet was down for our performance!

Schieffer-staff-Thank you to everyone who helped decorate the stage to get it ready for the concert!

Third Grade-SPARCL Teachers-Thanks for running the kickball tournement for us you rock!

Dahm-Perkins- I could not have asked for a better mentor. You are always there for me no matter how stressed you might be yourself. You always support me even when my ideas might be crazy and you always push me to be a better teacher!

The Light!

I think this is a great perspective on how we can build our students and help them reach their full potential. Each and every one of them has a light inside. Our job is to see it for them when they can not.
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