Bud Not Buddy

By;Christopher Paul Curtis


Bud Not Buddy is a realistic fiction book because things in the book could happen but in real life it wasn't really happening.


I think the theme of this book would be never give up cause he never gave up looking for his dad.And he never gave up to have a new home


Bud would be the protagonist cause he every time someone felt sad he would try to make it better.Like at one part they were in the home and there was a kid about to cry cause he didn't want to go to the house he was going to cause the hole house was girls except for the dad.So bud told him not to worry cause a house full of girls was better than a house with an older boy than you cause he'll want to fight but girls would want to play house and you would end up having to be the baby and they'll make you say funny things like ooh ooh gah gah but they'll be nice to you so buddy said that he would trade him in a split second.


I think that the antagonist would be nature cause there's so much things that get thrown in buds direction.

Main Character

The main character is bud.
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It was against this background that Curtis developed his story of a child's search for family in the Midwest towns of Flint and Grand Rapids Michigan. While many stories of the Depression are concerned with the Dust Bowl in the Plains states or migrant workers in california Bud Not Buddy provides the reader with a funny way to maake young readers happy

Main Conflicts

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I think that this book was a very good and funny book.
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Favorite part

my favorite part was when he was in the barn and seen a bat.