Unit 1: River Valley Civilizations

Mesopotamia, The Nile, The Indus Valley, and China

Unit 1

Ch. 1: Neolithic Revolution

Ch. 2: River Valley and Classcal Civilizations

Ch. 3: Early Religions

Ch. 9: Early American Civilizations

The BIG Picture

When modern humans emerged, their intellectual abilities allowed for the gradual adoption of farming which allowed permanent settlements to become possible. In Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and India, permanent settlements gave rise to the first civilizations among the fertile soils provided by the major rivers of these areas. These first civilizations were different from other settlements and from each other in their use of irrigation, cities writing, religion, government institutions, and labor forces, In the Americas, the Olmecs built a society with impressive innovations that were key in the development of future civilizations.

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08/26 - 1st day business

08/27 - Neolithic Revolution & Rise of Civilizations

08/28 - Mesopotamia & Ancient Egypt

08/30 - Hinduism & Buddhism

09/02 - NO SCHOOL

09/03 - Judaism & Christianity

09/04 - Early American Civilizations

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08/27 - 1.2 &1.3

08/28 - 2.1 & 2.2

08/29 - 2.3 & 2.4

08/30 - 3.1 (pgs 63-65), 3.2

09/03 - 3.4 & 9.2

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Key Terms

1. Neolithic Revolution

2. Cultural Diffusion

3. Mesopotamia

4. Hammurabi’s Code

5. Monotheism vs. polytheism

6. Judaism (Hebrews)

7. Cuneiform

8. Egypt

9. Pharaohs

10. Hinduism

11. Hieroglyphics

12. Pheonicians

13. Buddhism

14. Caste System

15. Hitites

16. Dynastic Cycle

17. Mandate of Heaven

18. Olmecs

19. Mesoamerica

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Essential Questions:

1. Explain how the beginning of farming led to the emergence of civilization including the ancient river civilizations

2. Summarize the impact of the Neolithic Revolution.

3. Explain how geographic factors shaped the development of the first civilizations.

4. Identify the impact of Hammurabi’s' Code and the Jewish Ten Commandments.

5. Identify characteristics of theocracy (Egypt).

6. Describe the historical origins, central ideas, philosophical traditions and influence of Hinduism and Judaism.

7. Create and/or interpret a map, graph or chart relating to the Hittite, Phoenicians and Indo-European migrations focusing on the relationship between geography and historical development.

8. Identify major technological contributions in early societies.

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