5th Grade News

March 14 - March 23, 2016


Welcome to Mrs. Riddle and Mrs. Waggoner's Weekly Newsletter! Here, you will find our learning targets for the week, along with upcoming events/reminders.

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Learning Targets

Reading and Social Studies:

In Social Studies, we are reviewing map skills as we finish up our study on European Explorers.

In Reading, we will be studying the skill of summarizing a story or passage. As we work on summarizing, students will be asked to identify and discuss the main character, setting, problem of the story as well as the resolution of the story (or passage). Below our Learning Targets, is an example of an organizer we're using to summarize. Students seem to be struggling more to summarize in fewer words. They tend to want to summarize in 1-2 pages of writing, rather than a brief paragraph.

NEW A.R. Requirement: One fiction book must be read, with a quiz completed by - April 6th

Please check this A.R. Requirement with each newsletter. Too many students procrastinate their work toward this requirement, so I'm going a different timeline this quarter.

Achieve 3000 - There won't be any homework articles this week. Two articles will be completed in class.

Writing - Students did a great job with their argumentative writing pieces! We will be reviewing writing skills until Spring Break. This will include sentence structure, basic paragraph structure, as well as other grammar we feel the students need to review.

Math - Students are wrapping up their work on reading, writing and comparing decimals to the thousandths place. Students are also multiplying and dividing decimals. As students finish their work with decimals, Mrs. Waggoner will be working on other math review skills such as fraction work and word problems.

Study Jams - Multiplying Decimals

Study Jams - Dividing Decimals

MOBYMAX: All students need to be doing 15 minutes of MobyMax nightly. This is part of their homework score and many students are forgetting this requirement. MobyMax login and password information can be found in your child's B.E.E. Binder for their required 15 minutes nightly (or 60 minutes/week). If this is an issue at all, due to network resources, please let us know and we can work something out at school. Please send in a note if this is the case.

Science - Students will be working on sound and light over the next few weeks.

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Upcoming Events

Wednesday, March 16 - Malley's Delivery

Tuesday, March 22 - Word Study Test with Mrs. Riddle

Friday, March 24 - April 1 - SPRING BREAK

Wednesday, April 6 - Fiction A.R. Test due!

Mrs. Riddle

Mrs. Riddle teaches English Language Arts, Socials Studies and Writing to the 5th grade students on the Riddle/Waggoner team.

Mrs. Waggoner

Mrs. Waggoner teaches Math, Science and Writing to the 5th grade students on the Riddle/Waggoner team.