Functional Neuroanatomy

Neuroanatomy of the Limbic System

Brain Damage and Specific Behavior

Behavior change in speech: slurs words, use of wrong words in place of the real word, long pauses when talking, confusion and forgetfulness. Cause of the brain damage occurred from car accident. The left part of the temporal lobe was damaged. As seen in the photo the left brain seems to be what side of the brain controls speech.

What Do We Do Now?

Questions that are asked "Is my family member likely to have difficulty with cognitive and behavioral issues once reintegrating into the community" (Brain Injury Association of America,2015)?
Ask questions about your family member's deficits so you can have a clear understanding about ways your family member's deficits will affect his abilities.
Ask about compensatory strategies you can implement in your home to lessen the impact of these deficits.

End results for the caregiver would be positive changes in functioning of speech. Any positive changes gives way to "Happy People"
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