Sojourner Truth

By Melissa Batzkiel

Sojourner Truth kids.

Sojourner had one kid and there name was Sophia Truth and she ran away with her went she was five years old.

About Her Master Life

Well her master was a mean and she could do lots of stuff but she always messing it up and she would got in trouble.

Sojourner truth

She Was Beatend So Hard.

She is dirty and she is have food in her pocect and she have to eat it ride away. She will not she went and told her master and she got in big troble and she beatend and she was drused for many of weeks and she was not abell to work and shehad to have someone come and feed her and help her get dressed and she was going to run alway when she was all better and then about a week later she was all better and then she ran alway her master did not know about a week later and then she got couht and she got beaten really bad and she had to work anyway she hurt and he did not care.

She Would Never Get A Day Off Of Doing Any Of The Farming