HELP WANTED: For President!

Seeking a new president for the Unites States of America

1. Requirements needed for the position:

1- Must be born in the united states or american territory (or have both parents born in the u.s.)

2- Must be at least 35 years old

3- Must have lived at least 14 years of his/hers life in the u.s.

When president.. you will have specific duties, roles, and responsibilities including:

Powers of the president-

Legislative Leader- gives the president the "Veto Power" to pass or veto bills. Presidents also have a legislative program called the "legislative agenda" which is given to congress in the annual State of Union Address.

Head of State- This is a ceremonial role for the president. This role represents america at special occasions and ceremonies. In this role the President is seen as a living symbol of the U.S. (example- during Christmas or other holidays)

Economic Leader- This responsibility deals with economic issues like, unemployment rates; inflation; and high taxes. Also the president has the power to plan the federal governments budget every year.

Party Leader- The president is viewed as the leader of his/hers political party. And the president has the power to select their party's national chairperson. Which is someone who helps the party raise money and funds.

Chief Executive- Gives the president the power to be in charge of all 15 cabinet departments. Also the power to appoint judges,etc. He/She can also make Executive orders- which means they can make rules or enforce laws with out approval of congress.

Chief Diplomat- Gives the President the power to direct foreign policy through "Executive Agreement". Which are agreements with foreign leaders that are not approved by congress.

Commander-in-chief- Gives the president the power to be in charge of all armed forces including army, navy, air force, marines, and coastguard.

Compensation & Benefits: for the presidential possession

  • the president makes around 400,000 annually (since 2001)
  • the president receives extra money for expenses and travel
  • the president gets special benefits like the use of camp David (resort/vacation for the pres. and their family), fleet of special cars, helicopters, and airplanes