20/21 WoodCreek Band Bulletin

Vol. 1, Issue 1, August 21, 2020

It was so great to see everyone this week! We will continue with daily Zoom meetings next week using the same links, however, the passcodes have changed. Please check the "Announcements" section of Canvas for the new passcode on Monday if you need it.

For Honors, Symphonic, and Concert Band members, we'd like to begin playing our instruments during Zoom meetings ASAP, however, we are noticing that many students are Zooming from a location or situation that is not conducive to instrumental music-making. We'd still like all students to join the Zoom meetings so that they can get the information regardless of their physical surroundings. We will work out solutions for students on a case-by-base basis and appreciate your patience as we adjust to virtual learning. If you're able to, please have your instruments assembled and ready at the start of your Zoom classes on Monday, August 24!

Our bulletin is broken into three main sections: Introduction and Announcements pertaining to all students, First-Year Band Announcements (primarily 6th grade students who have not yet completed their first year of instrumental instruction in the WCJH Band Program) and Performing Bands Announcements (primarily 7th-8th grade students who have completed at least one year of instrumental instruction).

Thank you,

Bryan Cremer

Asst. Band Director

WoodCreek Junior High

Online Learning Guide

Since we are utilizing so many different websites and services during our time in virtual school, I thought it was necessary to create a one page guide which outlines the purpose of each website. It is linked below!

Private Lessons

Consistent one-on-one instruction is the absolute best way to learn a musical instrument. We are incredibly fortunate at WCJH to have a staff of wonderful private lesson instructors who are background checked and employed with the Katy ISD Private Lesson Program. Especially valuable during distanced learning, private lessons offer students individual attention and feedback that is otherwise inaccessible during large-group instruction. Most, if not all, of our teachers below are offering online lessons and some will transition to F2F lessons along with the district. Lessons are weekly and instructors are paid directly, usually for one month's lessons at a time. Costs vary by instructor due to an experience-based pay scale. Please feel free to contact one of them below to begin lessons!

Flute: Mary Ann Normark (maryflutes@yahoo.com)

Flute: Michelle Jordan (michellejordan717@yahoo.com)

Oboe: Leah Solis (leahwilliamsoboe@gmail.com)

Bassoon: Dima Savitski (dimatsavitski@gmail.com)

Clarinet: Alberto Tovar (tovar_59@hotmail.com)

Clarinet: Eloy Salgado (easalgado2@gmail.com)

Saxophone: Justin Jones (justin.jones137@gmail.com)

Saxophone: Kristell Nelson (kristellnelson@gmail.com)

Trumpet: Kari Parker (timelynotions@yahoo.com)

Trumpet: Christy Bailey (cbailey217@gmail.com)

Horn: Ronnie Todd (rtodd.bd@gmail.com)

Low Brass: Bruce Melville (smelville23@gmail.com)

Low Brass: Steven Needham (needhamtuba@gmail.com)

Percussion: Amanda Trevizo (AmandaTrevizo@KATYISD.ORG)

Percussion: Danny Jones (danjonesmusic@comcast.net)


In addition to Charms emails and Canvas messages, we have added Remind classes to help our students and parents stay connected. Please join your class or your child's class using the codes below. You can download the app or simply text the code to 81010.
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Band Parent Meeting

Monday, Aug. 31st, 5:30pm

This is an online event.

We will be creating a "Virtual Parent Meeting" video for you to watch. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit us via Zoom (below) any time between 5:30pm and 7:00pm on Monday, August 31.

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Week 1.1, August 19-21

This week in FYB classes we introduced our procedures for virtual school through Canvas and Zoom. We stressed clear communication and encouraged students to reach out to us via email or Remind for help. There was only one grade taken this week: Info Quiz 1.1.

Week 1.2, Aug 24-28

This week in FYB classes, we will review the band handbook and distribute our online form. In addition, we will show all instrument supplies and demonstrate how to set up a "practice zone". Assignments this week will be loaded in Module 1.2 in Canvas.

Instrument Placement & Supplies

At this time, all students should have confirmed their instrument choice with a band director. Please visit a local music supply vendor to secure an instrument and all the required supplies (you do not need an instrument if you selected horn, euphonium, or tuba; however, there are required supplies for these instruments that you should purchase now). Timely acquisition of required supplies will be graded during the third week of school and students will need to have their instrument and supplies with them beginning on Monday, August 31. Another copy of the supply packet can be found below.
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Week 1.1, August 19-21

This week in performing band classes, we updated students on our procedures for virtual school through Canvas and Zoom. We showed students how to create a "practice zone" and reminded them that they should get their instrument out, make sure they have all needed supplies, and have it assembled and ready at Monday's classes. Our only grade was taken on the "practice zone" picture (submitted on Canvas).

Week 1.2, August 24-28

This week in performing band classes, we will review the band handbook and start getting back into playing shape by introducing simple playing exercises without sheet music. We will distribute our daily drill warm up exercises and demonstrate a new online music assessment system. Assignments this week will be loaded in Module 1.2 in Canvas.

School-owned Instruments

If you are in need of a school-owned instrument (oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet tenor sax, bari sax, horn, euphonium, or tuba) we have arranged pick-up times during Zoom classes for next week. Please ask your student if they've communicated with us about picking up an instrument and let us know if you need to meet at a different time.

Daily Drill

If you have not played your instrument in a couple weeks (or months), now is the time to get it out and start getting in shape. Please do not wait until the first day of school. Your muscles (and your grades) will be much happier in the long run if you get in the habit of daily practice now.

Things you can play right now with or without sheet music:

  • Long tones (Concert F or any comfortable note)
  • SCALES (All the majors you know and ESPECIALLY chromatic)
  • Technique exercises (Finger wiggles for woodwinds, lip slurs for brass, rudiments for percussion)
  • Any songs or pieces you learned last year or over the summer

Sheet Music

We are currently discussing options for sheet music during virtual school. The binders we typically distribute are here but we are unable to give them out, so we will be exploring other options. In the meantime, please ensure you have the ability to read sheet music (PDF files) on a device OR print your music at home. This can be a laptop, tablet, iPad, Chromebook, or desktop computer. Due to the screen size, a phone or similar device will not be acceptable.