The Daly News 2/25/19

Manatee Elementary Staff Newsletter

Important Dates

  • Daly/Kestner out AM



  • Daly/S. Owens out AM
  • Carver/Kestner out
  • Data Team


  • 2nd grade performance 6:00pm
  • Daly out


  • Early release

A huge thank you to all teachers for completing the roster verification correctly. Way to go!

iReady Reading Report

The chart below report groups all our students by their initial Diagnostic One placement.

It then looks at the progress made as based on Diagnostic Two.

This tells us that our students who initially placed one or two years below grade level are making amazing amounts of growth. The interventions we are doing is making a difference. Way to go team!

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March is Outdoor Classroom Month:

Be an Outdoor Classroom Hero

The school administration has designated March 2019 as Outdoor Classroom Month at Manatee, to better utilize the outdoor classroom space. There is a new seating area made from large oak stumps –try sitting around the semi-circle as a class to learn in a natural setting!

Who: Our goal is for every class and grade level to participate! One participating class will be randomly selected to win a healthy treat for the whole class.

What: Teach a lesson outside this month. Read a story, teach a math concept, study the butterflies, draw the flowers, conduct a science experiment, the possibilities are endless. See for inspiration and ideas by age and subject.

When: Anytime during March. A signup calendar is available:

Where: Manatee Meadow Outdoor Classroom

Share: When you complete your lesson, share your experience. Fun comic-style speech bubbles will be provided in mailboxes next week. Turn in completed bubbles to the Green Committee mailbox. A poster of all the classes’ notes will be showcased in the lobby. Share how your students are Outdoor Classroom Heroes!

*Special note: Since this is a natural setting with pesky insects, please use caution for children with allergies.

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