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Maintaining or Moving?

Ever wish you had more time in a day? I know I wish this every single day...I never have enough time to accomplish what I want. Everything around me seems to move way too fast! Why is this...partly because I spend time on things that hold no value, don't help me grow as a person or in my business and because I get sidetracked. We do that right?!? Yup...women get sidetracked.

As the CEO of my own businesses...I make conscious decisions that propel me, every day! As the CEO of your business, I want to encourage you to do the same. What drives you, what helps you accomplish your goals...I guarantee this connects hand in hand to your WHY! Take time to write down your WHY, connect to it and focus upon it. If your WHY isn't developed, I want to encourage you to develop it fully! I promise you over time, that WHY will change. My initial WHY was my strong desire to feel that I had purpose and I was part of something. Today my WHY is to be a better person, to give selflessly to others and inspire others to be what they dream of being.

Set your goals, set your hours...choose to be your own boss! Decide what you will spend your time working on and be certain that the time you spend is time you won't regret later. We are the decision makers, we set our hours, we choose which events to participate in and we decide what tasks to spend our time on. Our invested time determines success...in all areas of our lives. Think about that...if we invest time into our health, we get healthier or if we invest time into personal growth, we grow! The same goes for your Origami Owl business...it's truly no different.

I want to encourage you to think about your time: determine if what you are doing is improving your life in some way...whether it be financially, spiritually or emotionally. Refrain from spinning your wheels on things that aren't productive and don't "give back" in some way.

When the momentum begins...WATCH OUT!!!

So what I want you to do is find a journal. On the 1st page put your WHY you joined Origami Owl and if your why has changed. Then on the following page I want you to make 2 columns- 1st column label maintaining and the 2nd column label moving. Then for the next 2 weeks I want you to put what you do during the day under those columns. Please post pictures under this thread!

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Here is an example of what your journal page will look like! Please let me help you get your business moving in the direction you want it to go!!