Murders on Soldier Island

By Makayla Ruble

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summary of plot

Ten people got invited to Soldier Island by a mysterious Mr. Owen. The people who were invited were Edward Armstrong, Emily Brent, William Blore, Vera Claythorne, Philip Lombard, John Macarthur, Anthony Marston, Thomas Rogers, Ethel Rogers, and Lawrence Wargrave. They were all murdered in different ways. When the first person died (Anthony Marston) they thought that he committed suicide, but after other people died they decided that it was to much of a coincidence that they died so close together. Then they decided that there was someone on the island, but after they searched the island they decided that there was no place to hide. They all agreed that the murderer must be one of them. After they decided that one of them was the murderer they started watching each other closely to make sure they weren't going to get snuck up on. People kept dying, but Vera figured out that the deaths were connected with a poem. She went hysterical and kept asking where the bee hive was, because that how the poem said that the next person was going to die. When there was two people left Vera and Lombard, Vera took Lombards revolver and shot him. After he was dead she felt so safe and really, really tired. She walked up to her room and she thought that Hugo was there and that he wanted her to hang herself. When she went into her room she saw a rope hanging from the ceiling with a noose already set up. So she stood on chair, fitted the noose around her neck, and kicked the chair away...


I would recommend this book for any junior high student or older. This book is amazing because of how the murderer pulled all the murders off, all going according to plan. He might have been mad but he could still pull off amazing murders, he had been planning this crime for a long time and it was all worth it! Lawrence Wargrave was acting that he was invited to the island just like everyone else and even pulled off his own murder! I thought that Wargrave was amazing but a madman both at the same side. I thought that he was amazing because who else could pull of nine murders exactly like a poem then kill himself too without getting caught? I also thought he was a madman because why would you murder nine people just like a poem and then shoot yourself so that they would not find out that he was the killer? I felt bad for Vera because she felt really bad about the kid, Lombard, and Hugo that she thought that he was there to make sure that she hung herself. It was an amazing book and it has a lot of suspense and there was not one spot that I thought it was moving to slow. So I recommend this book if you like a thriller with a lot of suspense!