The 10-40 window

10-40 window

Introducing myself

My name is Moon Mu. I'm a student in FL Schlagle high. I'm the second in four sibling. I live with my mother, My father was an business man in Burma.

Essential Question

How many people heard about gospel ,How can they hear without someone preaching to them?

Explanation of Topic

What I've already know about this topic is that many people in this world didn't know about God. Some people know about it but didn't care about it. My hope is everybody will get to hear the gospel and will accept God as their saver. In my research I see lot's of hunger and needed help In 10-40 window. My hope was to let them know about God and blessed them with gospel.

Research Need to be done

Why do they don't believe in God?
Does the government make them believe in another religion?
Was the traditional religion make them a unbeliever?

Surveys resulted

* Most of my classmate never hear about the 10-40- window.
* 60% of my classmate are Christianity.
* 75% of them think Christianity should be taught to people.
* 53% think everybody should have an religion and 46% of them think not everybody should have a religion.


The window also contains the world's most unreached people groups, and most of the world's governments who oppose Christianity. The region ranges from the Indian Ocean in the south to the cold north and western mountainous regions. The Middle East encompasses the Fertile Crescent, the ancient land of Abraham.

Future Step's

Step 1: Save up money to travel to the 10-40 window place.
Step 2: Find someone who's welling to travel with you.
Step 3: Get to know people who live there.
Step 4:Help them with food,money,cloths, and houses.
Step 5: Start to preaching to them


- In the Doc it's really helpful.
- On of the thing I didn't know about was it's really hard for the gospel to reach to, I got my answer after I did my research.
- By using genius hour blog I learn how thing are happen in the window that I didn't know about it.
- Based on my research the resulting was not in a good way. People in there need a lot of help.