Sunday Brief

May 19, 2019

The Weeks Are Getting Busy!!!

The week is flying too fast I can't catch my breath to do a brief. I apologize about the numerous emails. I will do a brief this Sunday and next Sunday to keep you up on what you need to know and hopefully lessen the emails.
Motivating our Kiddos at the End of the Year

You know how much I love SENTENCE STARTERS!!! I came across these for you to use with kids as motivators at the end of the year. PS-John Wink is a wonderful superintendent and has a great blog. If you want someone new to follow. He's a great one!

Some Ideas for You! I know you're tired, but...


Jeans for the remainder of the year seems appropriate...

3rd to 4th Grade Universal Screener

Please use ONLY your tab. Be VERY CAREFUL on edits.

4th to 5th Grade Universal Screener

Please use ONLY your tab. Be VERY CAREFUL on edits.

Handbook Revisions

Thank you for the few people that sent revisions for the Handbook. This is the current copy I will share with SBDM on Wednesday.

Summer School and Retention-REMINDER

There are only 8 school days left. At this point, I REALLY need to know if a student will be retained or needs summer school in order to be promoted. I do realize some of you are having final conversations with parents, but let me know when this is happening. I need to get students signed up for summer school that are passing but MAY attend if space is available.

student growth component-REMINDER

Turn this into my RED Folder ASAP or let me know expected timeframe.

From Mrs. Hoover

  • I will start collecting all maroon folders or maroon folder items on Thursday when all testing materials are gone.

*This should be include the following: The last F&P, End of Year Writing Sample, and Gray Chart and/or copy of reading level chart

  • I need a list of any ESL students attending summer school or being retained by May 24th.

From Mrs. Cristan

  • Posters must come off walls before you leave.
  • All key rings must be removed from keys.
  • 3rd grade- turn in 504 teacher bundles for current students.
  • 4th grade- shred 504 documents.
  • 3rd / 4th grade ELA teachers- last chance to get classroom sets of current adoption is Friday. I will be turning in the inventory to CO on Monday. All current ELA adoption will be removed from campus this summer to make room for new materials.

From Mrs. Villarreal

Teacher Perception Inventories due NOW.

Anchored 4 Life Crew Member badges due now everything in my box

Helping our FBE Family! (Shared with Permission)

As soon as school is out our lovely Sheri Tweddle will be going in the hospital for open heart surgery. After surgery she will be in the hospital for 7-10 days until able to go home.

Her husband Chris will be at hospital with her each day so gift cards for meals or HEB/Walmart would probably be best. If you can help support Sheri and her husband in this time of need, Brigette Fordyce will be collecting until May 30th.

In addition, if you would like to include any magazines or books for her hospital stay she will include in the basket to her. Gift cards are the high priority though.

Thanks again! Let Brigette know if you have any further questions.


20 4th Grade Seashore Field Trip (Alvarado, Flores, Ainsworth, Rowe)

20 2nd to 3rd grade Special Education Transition Meeting

21 4th Grade Seashore Field Trip (Messina, Ready, Falany, Atkinson)

21 4th to 5th SPED Transition Meeting

22 SBDM Meeting @3:15

22 4th Awards Ceremony


Almaraz, Fordyce, Tweddle, Lopez, Ready, Messina, Atkinson, Falany, Steward, Kaspar, Robinson, Clark


Ames, Cooper, McAliley, Jackson, Rowe, Ainsworth, Flores, Alvarado

23 3rd Awards Ceremony


Gusler, Beckwith, Wilson, White, Hurst, Elliott, Bentz, Jones, McClendon, Featherby, Sykes


Daubenspeck, LaCour, Nelson, Harris, Banister, Dyckman, McPartlin, Wyrick, Provence, Barnec

23 4th Grade Seashore Field Trip (Clark, Robinson, Steward, Kaspar)


24 Good Choice Parker Pool

10:00-11:30 Harris, Nelson, LaCour, Daubenspeck, Dyckman, Banister

12:00-1:30 Featherby, Sykes, Provence, Barnec, Wyrick, McPartlin

27 Memorial Day-No School

28 Good Choice Parker Pool

10:00-11:30 Beckwith, Wilson, White, Hurst, Elliott, Bentz

12:00-1:30 Atkinson, Falany, Messina, Ready, McClendon, Jones

29 Good Choice Parker Pool

10:00-11:30 McAliley, Jackson, Cooper, Ames, Flores, Alvarado

12:00-1:30 Steward, Kaspar, Robinson, Clark, Ainsworth, Rowe

30 Good Choice Parker Pool

10:00-11:30 Fordyce, Lopez, Almaraz, Tweddle

30 Last Day of School & Report Cards

30 School Board Meeting

31 Teachers' Last Day

May Birthdays!

May 1 Mrs. Ortiz

May 1 Amy Brock

May 5 Angela Paxton (Military Counselor)

May 11 Erin Steward

May 23 Jessica Garcia

May 27 Brigette Fordyce

May 28 Roxann Steinbruck

May 30 Donna Kesselring


Jun 02 Julia Williams

June 10 Margaret Harms

June 13 Lisl Ames

June 19 Melissa McPartlin

June 3 Anthony McCormick

June 22 Maude Revette

Jul 10 Tera Edge

Jul 20 Misty Beckwith

Jul 29 Carla Messina

Jul 30 April Featherby

July 10 Denise Garza

July 14 Shannon Gusler

July 18 Nicole Biggerstaff

July 30 Pam Webster

Aug 2 Chuck Almaraz

Aug 4 Gina Bentz

Aug 8 Codie Rowe

Aug 12 Amanda Wilson

Aug 27 Star Loucks

Aug 29 Melissa Pena


Instead of Counting Down Days...

A very short article that rings true when I think of some of our kiddos. Once, after Christmas Break, I actually had a student straight out tell me home is horrible so NO he didn't enjoy his break how could I ask that.

Nutrition Environment and Services

Explore Fruits and Vegetables with a Garden Detective

If you’re trying to persuade your students to give broccoli, eggplant or kiwi a try, the U.S. Department of Agriculture may be able to help. The agency has 11 “Great Garden Detective Adventure” lessons for third and fourth graders. The lessons encourage students to sample new fruits and vegetables. Download PDFs of the lessons today.

Big picture


Here is the Universal Screener for each grade. I tried to make it more user friendly with drop down box choices and a tab for each POD/group of teachers. Remember this is a Google sheet so don't mess with other peoples information since it's all editable. This will be on EOY checkout under Hoover's section.