RILINK Newsletter

August 2021

Important Information Related to Hosted Sites & RISOCKS


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Zoom Sessions for Help with New Site Setup

RILINK staff will be available on the following days at 3:30PM via Zoom for help with site setup.
  • August 19
  • August 26
  • September 2

Zoom links will be sent to the RILINK list the day of the session. PLU certificates will be provided for the session.

Pretty sure you have finished setting up your new Follett-Hosted Destiny site? Please check a few more things.

Did you change the amount of time after which you are logged off for inactivity?

Check this for any Access Level that does circulation.

Big picture

Did you-

  • Verify settings in Catalog|Search Setup (left-hand column)|Enriched Content Searches|One Search Database Information so that students and teachers have access to your subscriptions and the free databases that you want them to use in Destiny Discover?
The following three bullet points all refer to this topic.
  • If you want a Learning Resources button for a database in Destiny Discover, check the box labelled [Display in Destiny Discover Homepage Links Section].
  • To have Destiny search a database by default whenever users perform a search, check the [Preset selected in Destiny Back Office] checkbox. These will appear when a student or teacher selects DATABASES after a Search.
  • You can find logos for many links at
  • Transfer vendor settings in Admin|Site Configuration (left-hand colmun)|Site Administration|Library Vendors so that you don't order duplicate barcodes?
  • Capture any circulation statistics or Resource Lists that you might need from your old site? You can run Reports|Library Reports|Collection Statistics Summary to see statistics by Dewey number/call number extension.

Please note: the ability to email notices needs to be set up by your district tech people. RILINK is working with them to do this.

If there is information on your old site that you want to capture, but need directions for doing so, please use the Help button on our web site at to let us know, or include your questions and concerns on the completion survey at When you confirm that you no longer need anything from your old site, it will be placed on the removal list.

RILINK will offer up to four hours of PLUs for completing the Destiny Setup process for hosted sites and submitting the survey. The PLU certificate will include language that the training was for asynchronous training.

Options for authenticating users for RISOCKS

  • RILINK and OverDrive staff are working with district tech directors to determine the best options for each district and school, limiting access by grade level to the elementary, YA, and adult titles. These efforts will also determine your ability to get usage statistics and order items from OverDrive for your library.

Destiny Library Manager v19 Updates

Destiny Back Office

  • Fines may now be excused by date range.
  • Persona may be added to Patron Type.
  • Enhancements have been made to OverDrive Integration.
  • Holds made by Patrons may be overridden.

Complete details are in the PDF attached below.

Destiny Discover

  • The Destiny Discover interface has been updated so the site looks the same on all devices.
  • Under Display Options|Featured Content only the Standard is available right now. The Simplified option will be added in a future update.
  • The PDF "Getting Started with Destiny Discover and Collections" is attached.
  • A video for students is available at The widget has been updated in RILINK Schools.
  • Learn more at