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May 2016 Stats

  • DREAM REWARDS ARE BACK! Now through September 30th, consistency = CASH. You can earn up to a $1,300 gift card just by partying. A tracker will be live on TOT this Friday the 3rd so you can keep tabs on your progress as you inch closer to that money, honey! Check out the details on TOT here.

  • READY, SET, SELL IS COMING SOON! Before every new catalog season, Thirty-One gives us the opportunity to earn a TON of upcoming products just for partying! The earning period will be July 1-20, just like last year, so start booking your calendar NOW for July! Keep an eye out for a special edition of Inspire coming to your inbox on June 20th for more info on RSS and the Seasonal Add-On Kit!

  • CONFERENCE is just around the corner and I can not wait to party with YOU! Registration is just $149 for enrolled consultants, and $99 for anyone who joins your team on or after June 1. You can register ahead of time or at the door! Join the Facebook communities set up by your Executive Director Candice Kennedy and Senior Executive Director Stephanie Josephonce you're registered to keep up with all the fun we have planned for you this July! The Fall product line, enrollment kit, and StartSwell kits will be announced AT conference so you don't want to miss your first chance to get your hands on these items so you can speak confidently about them with your customers! For more details about National Conference, see TOT.

  • The SPRING GIFT GUIDE is still live and our customers are LOVING all of the fun new options we have to offer. Mother's Day may be upon us but graduation season is in full swing and Father's Day and wedding season are around the corner. And you know there are always new moms having babies that could use a little extra cheer in their sleep deprived life, LOL! Download the flier here.

  • And don't forget while you're spreading all of that gifting cheer that we still have two amazing JUNE CUSTOMER SPECIALS! The Medium Utility Tote and Medium Stand Tall Insert are both just $12 with $35 orders in April - the perfect beach, pool, sporting event, or cookout set! Check out TOT for all the details and marketing materials.

Petal Pusher Gen0 Downline Report

  • $18,112.22
  • 20 Parties
  • 24 Consultants
  • 1 New Team Member
  • 2 Directors, 1 Senior Consultant



  1. Allison Simms
  2. Danielle Elliott
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welcome the youngest blooms!

Selling Rockstars: Congratulations for entering at least $200 in sales this month!

1. Jackie Smith $1666.54 (this is Director PV)

2. Katie Snyder $1323.76 (this is Director PV)

3. Abbe Elliott $716

4. Margo Mullin $703.89

5. Christina Rogers (AND HAD TWINS!!) $544.70

6. Kristin Bloomquist $486.88

7. LeAnna Armento $404.77

8. Danielle Elliott (WELCOME BACK!!!) $377

9. Carrie Izzo $241

10. Kendra Hecker $204.97

11. Chante Logan $203.98

12. Michelle Marzullo - $200

Top Party Girls - 2 Parties Each

Jackie, Jeanette, Katie, & Dawn

Congrats to the following ladies for STOMPING OUT THEIR ZEROS from February and submitting PV for May!

  • Carrie Izzo
  • Michelle Marzullo
  • Abbe Elliott
  • Kendra Hecker
  • Chante Logan

Did Someone Say Startswell?

My apologies for being delayed on this! Congrats to the following consultants for earning their startswells! Some are still in the earning period!

Margo - 1, 2, 3, 4

Jeanette - 1, 2, 3

Katie - 1, 2, 3

Abbe - 1

Melissa's Corner

PV - $3,385.60

Recruits - 2

Parties - 5

Enrolled: September 2013

Senior Consultant: Apring 2014

Director: October 2014

I don't tell you this to impress you, but to impress upon you what can be done with this opportunity! When you BELIEVE you CAN, you WILL!

How can YOU promote to DIRECTOR?!?

  • $1,000 PV
  • $4,000 Team Sales
  • 4 PEQAs (Personally Enrolled, Qualified, and Active team members)

Hit your numbers for four months and earn a $1,000 BONUS!
Earn 3% PV override & 3% override for Gen0



We can help you set up an ACTION PLAN to promote! USE for training and videos USE team Facebook pages for advice, graphics, and FAQ

You have MICHELLE O'MALLEY right here on our team too :)

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