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We offer Representation for both parties:

In our facility, clients who need a lawyer for the plaintiff and the defendant side will be well represented by our highly educated staff
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Getting Started

Once you have either sent or received a complaint, the process has begun. If a complaint is answered by the defendant, then a pre-trial conference must be held in an attempt to settle the dispute. This is because a complaint is defined as the first document filed with the court. The next item of this process is a summons. This document orders individuals to be at the court for a trial.

The Lawyers

The Lawyers will read and understand the pleading, or the formal accusation in order to develop the best case possible.


It is possible to settle the disagreement between the two parties with the use of mediation or arbitration.


The judge is able to use the preponderance of evidence to make the best decision. We will help you by presenting the best case possible in order to make the judge's largest weighing point one of our points. After we have presented your case the judge will reach his or her verdict and will announce that the defendant has been found either guilty or innocent. If you lose the case, then we will continue our work and ask for an appeal.
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