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Welcome to Lesson 1 of Online Art!

Hello Stars!

Welcome to my S’mores lesson page with art lessons and fun activities you can do at home. You will learn about a theme and create as many artworks as you wish!

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. Don’t forget to check the inspiration section at the bottom with cool and different ideas for being creative with the theme of the week.

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In the PDF files below, you will learn about the 4 parts of a landscape: foreground, middle ground, background, and horizon line.

You will also learn about the tricks and techniques artist use to make landscapes look

3-dimensional and show depth of space.

*Read through the first 2 documents if you are Kindergarten or first grade.

*The 3rd document is more appropriate for 2nd -5th grade students.

However, you can learn something from all three!!

Landscapes by Famous Artists

Can you identify the foreground, middle ground, background, and horizon line in the artworks below?

*click to enlarge

Ready. Set. Create!!


All artwork can be drawn using any drawing utensil-pencil, crayon, marker – but a pencil is best to use first if you can.

Draw Large!!! Fill the space of your page, no matter the size.

Remember to DRAW LIGHTLY so you can erase if needed!!!

If you want to add color, use any medium you have at home- Crayon, marker, paint, etc.

If you color, please use good craftsmanship -


Don’t forget to send a picture of your artwork to Mrs. Fortune at

Be sure to check the “inspiration” section at the bottom for more ideas.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

No Technology needed:


Draw your house in the middle of your paper. DO NOT draw a line across the bottom for the ground! Make your house large. Add as many details as you can – door, windows, trees, bushes, chimney. Add a horizon line that goes BEHIND your house with a disappearing line across the middle of the page.

Using size and placement to make flowers look like they are getting farther away.


Draw a line across the middle of the paper. This is your horizon line. Starting at the bottom, draw several large flowers. Now, draw some flowers a little higher on the page and make them a little bit smaller. Next, draw some very small flowers above those. Don’t draw past the horizon line. Do your flowers look like they are getting smaller? Lastly, add some clouds above your horizon line and color if like!


“En plein air” is French for “in the open air”. Would you like to create art en plein air? Well, you can! Grab paper, a drawing tool, and something flat and hard, like a book, to place your paper on. Go outside and look around for a landscape view you like. Have a seat and look carefully at the landscape you want to draw. Think about where and how you will place the objects you see. Use what you know about the parts of a landscape and artist tricks (techniques) for creating the illusion of depth to help you create your drawing. Have fun!


Video Lessons and More!

Below you will find several types of videos.

There are draw-along videos you can use to create a landscape of your own. Some go quickly. You may pause them as you need so you have time to draw.

There is an art video where you can learn about current artist, Jen Aranyi and her art. Then, you can create an artwork in her style.

How To Draw Easy Scenery For Kids | Scenery for beginners| Step By Step Scenery With Oil Pastel
How to draw scenery of mountain Step by step (very easy) || Art video
How To Paint A Beautiful Landscape (for kids)
How To Draw a Landscape--Art Lesson For Kids
LESSON 5B: One-Point Perspective Cityscape

Artist- Jan Aranyi

Watch the artist Jan Aranyi create a landscape int he first video and learn to create a landscape in her style in the next video
Yellow Skies: Mountain and Galaxy Sky Tutorial
Landscape Paintings for Kids


Try something different or new!

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