Jessie Baker

All about me

What and where am I studying?

I'm studying the University of Notre Dame. There are three campuses around Australia but I am at the one located in Fremantle. I am currently studying for my Bachelor of Education (Primary). I am in my first year of my degree, through one semester. I came straight from graduating highschool which was the end of 2012.

My schooling?

I went to Our lady of Fatima for the first few years of schooling before moving to Dampier (in the North-west of Australia) and attended Dampier Primary School. I then when to the closest catholic highschool in the area for a year before we moved back to perth where I went to Santa Maria College.

My Co-cirrulular activities

My subject speciality

The subject that I am specialising in is mathematics. I have always enjoyed maths and just am able to understand it easily.

My goal

At the moment, my main goal is to get through uni gaining as much knowledge as I can. My long term goal for once I have finished uni with my degree I would like to go to those communities that are lacking in many areas to help provide a better education for the many students who may not be getting that right now.

More Information

If you have any questions or anything needs more information on anything plese feel free to contact me.