pusheen stuff

by secret bunny reporter

pusheen intro

pusheen is awsome if ya dont know wich you have prob not heard of him. hes a fat cat whats there to know :T
pusheen is a fat cat who always get his/her way a and well pusheen is a UNKNOWN gender but i call HIM a HIM

pusheen and his food

pusheen loves food when he wants food HE WANTS FOOD! When ever he gets food he always expects more then reality

pusheen's friends

pusheen has alot of friends EVEN NYAN CAT!!!! he also sorta kinda knows some of these cats but he also has alot of other friends


pusheen has to have a momma and dadda because how was he conjured up? well momma and dadda are pretty darn cute!!!!OH YA and btw pusheen has a SISSY well a bro too


stormy and pusheen are besties but stormy is very adventuress but pusheen get very annoyed by his adventures and other stuff he does...


Once opon a time there were to cat princes stormy the brave pusheen the couragious.one day the king and queen had to make the hardest decicion who should rule the kingdom.the queen called the two sons up to make a decicion they gave them both quests and the rule was NO CHEATIN.both sons went to the great wizard.the wizard both gave them mystery powers to help them on there quests.pusheen got telkenisis and stormy got FIRE! stormy was jealous of pusheens powers he didnt want fire to burn and destroy he wanted peaceful powers but no he got fire. the next day they both finished the quest at the top of the great food moutain stormy challenged pusheen to a magic duel!! stormy seemed to have the advantagie of fire....THE TWO BROS WENT TO ACTION FOR THE KINGDOM THE BATTLE WAS FERCIE FIRE AND FLYING FOOD WAS EVERYWERE ROASTED HOT DOGS SMOTHERING SMORES HAVE COVERD THE BATTLE FEILD THE FIGHT WAS OVER BOTH BROS BECAME ENEMIES AND THE FIGHT WAS OVER!! STORMY THE BRAVE WALKED UP TO PUSHEEN AND CHALLENGED HIM TO A BETTER POWERS DUEL THE WINNER BECAME KING THE LOOSER WILL BE BANISHED FROM ALL FOODAPOLOUS or will just not be kinged either or its a win win BUT THE DUEL BEGAN PUSHEEN CONJURED FOOD AND LEVETATED STUFF AND STORMY BURNT EVERYTHING the duel was over much faster then the other duel and much much MUCH less painfully then the least duel. PUSHEEN THE COURAGIOUS HAS WON and hasnt burnt anything either GOOD STORMY HAD LOST! Stormy was quiet dissapoined. but pusheen is also known as PUSHEEN THE NICE so pusheen let him also be a king instead of a queen TWO KINGS NO QUEEN they didnt need there mom and dad to pick who became rulers they chose by them self AND THEY MADE A PRETTY DARN AWSOME CHOICE BECAUSE THE NEXT DAY THEY HAD A AWSOME COOL PERSON PARTY WOOP WOOP!!!!!!!                THE END!!!


can you guess what pusheens favos holiday?? yyuuup hallowenie!!!! but he isnt in it for the costumes or decoration he is in it FOR THE FOOD YA!! since he is a very VERY lazy cat he doesnt do very well at the costumes as you can see!!

lazy lazy cat

lazt cat VERY LAZY CAT he doesnt do much but eat and eat and eat and eat and eat more and more then become extreamly LAZY he doesnt do much on weekend either

nyan and pusheen

as we all no (or not) pusheen is very good friend with the one and only NYAN CAT you no the poptart cat fartin out rainbow floating in space sum refer to ANNOYING. pusheen is also known as doenut cat but he dies in nyan cat vs. tac nyan its on youtube.com if you want to watch it its very sad but recomended ^-^

getting finding the video

when you get on youtube search in the search bar nyan cat vs. tac nyan THE VID IS SOOO SAD BUT CUTE


she was just a noramal bunny with a dream a dream that came true!! (a dream to be a reporter)