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Information about France

Nickname: The Hexagon (six-sided country)

Each country has a soul and France's soul is equality,

Francois Hollande

Northern France

Paris-Economic political and cultural capital of France

Lille:Important industries center with steel mills and textile industries

Southwest France

This region is known for grapes and its wine

Best reputation for producing the best wines

Southern France

The Massif Central and the Alps lie between east of Bordeaux .

The issue with the Alps hindered movement between France and Italy.They fixed it by digging a highway tunnel through Mont Blanc .

The Mediterranean

People enjoy the Riviera .It's good for tourism.The three cities in this region are Cannes,Nice,and Saint-Tropez. Marseille is the busiest sea port in france.
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East France

The importance of the Rhine River is it forms part of France's border with Germany.

France's History

France was known as Gaul.France is a highly unified country.Charlemagne was known as one of the most famous conquers of all time .He became the king of Franks.
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Language and Culture

They speak french. French became the language of France because the french came and took over.Dialect is variations of language.You have to go through the french academy to create something new there.

Cultural Idenity

Impressionism is made by color light and shadows.On ex: of a famous french artist is they create and design clothes.The city that is cultural city of france is Paris. Lovre is the famous art musem.

France Today

Two things France has done to help its economy is it has nationalized and has privatized some-government owned companies. France's opposition to military action against Iraq strained it alliance with the US.
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