August Challenge

{LoVE} TeAM & Team Hope

Awesome August Designer Appreciation Contest

This is a challenge that Kimberlie Harrell (our direct-to-corporate Leader) has issued for her Level 1 Designers. I have decided to also do this challenge with MY Level 1 Designers (the designers I have personally sponsored). I hope that each of YOU will, in turn, share this with your own Level 1 designers (those you personally sponsor).
How it works!

It will be Personal Volume based for my/your Level 1 Designers.

For each $1000 level in PV reached you/they will have the opportunity to earn NEW FALL O2 products!

Prizes are awarded and based on Retail Price.

I/You will then purchase the NEW products when they are available in September.

The NEW products awarded will be at your discretion. {Saves you time by not having to worry about collecting everyone's 'order' for their {LoVE} TeAM Hoot Loot!}

***It will all be NEW products so no worries, you’ll {LoVE} it all!***

Prizes will be paid out as follows…

  • $1000-$1999PV $50 Retail worth of NEW products (i.e. 10 charms)
  • $2000-$2999PV $75 Retail worth of NEW products
  • $3000-$3999PV $100
  • $4000-$4999PV $150
  • $5000+PV $200

New products are on the way...which will YOU choose???

Team Hope August Goal...

During the month of March, Team Hope sold $8,700. Our team is now triple the size it was in March. SO....I would {LoVE} to see our team reach $10,000 this month! At the middle of the month, we are almost half-way there, so I KNoW this is do-able! Plus, just think of all the goodies you'll be earning if you're one of my Level 1's, or if your mentor does the August Team Challenge!