News from CCSD15 Board of Education

September 12, 2019

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Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Teaching Implementation Continues

District 15 is quickly becoming a model district for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching (CLR) through its dedication in implementing the practice across all 20 of its schools. The Board of Education heard an update to the program's implementation at its Sept. 11 meeting.

CLR is professional development that equips teachers with the tools to build students’ academic capacity while validating and affirming their home language and culture. This process builds and bridges students' ability to be successful in school.

Within the next three years, all of District 15's schools will be CLR-trained facilities. The district has also launched its first lab classroom to serve as a model for D15 teachers to learn the CLR strategies and tactics.

VIDEO: Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching Lab Classroom

Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching Lab Classroom

Title Funding Overview Presented to Board

The Board of Education heard an overview of federal education funding and grants during its Sept. 11 meeting.

The district receives about $6.250 million in federal grants annually to support children. These funds must be allocated for specific reasons ranging from special education to language instruction. The supplemental funds help the district to provide schools, staff, students and families additional tools to not only be successful, but to thrive.

As part of the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA), the district is required to produce reports regarding expenditures, deliverables and results related to grant funding.

Board Adopts 2019-20 Fiscal Year Budget

The Board of Education adopted the 2019-20 fiscal year budget at its Sept. 11 meeting.

The adopted budget provides for expenditures in excess of revenues of $4,860,112. The district is budgeting $6.748 million in capital projects spending next year. Administration will present an updated five-year forecast of district finances at the November Board of Education meeting.

Facility Feasibility Study to Begin for Boundaries Task Force Proposals

STR Partners architectural firm will begin a feasibility study of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and the district's four junior high schools to determine viability of the four Boundaries Task Force proposals. This work must be done before determining next steps for the BTF and its work.

At its Sept. 11 meeting, the Board of Education directed STR to begin with phase one of a multi-part feasibility study.

Feasibility Study Phase One Components:

  • Determine what facility changes are required to convert Thomas Jefferson Elementary School (TJES) into a junior high (grades 7-8) or a middle school (grades 6-8).
  • Determine what facility changes are required to convert existing junior high schools into middle schools to allow enough space at elementary buildings for full-day kindergarten.

STR will begin with phase one of the plan and will report back to the Board in the fall with its findings. A future conversation regarding financial implications of any approved plan will also take place.

Financial Options for Capital Improvements Presented to Board

The district's financial advisor gave a presentation to the Board regarding funding options for Health-Life Safety capital improvement work at its Sept. 11 meeting.

As outlined during the August Board of Education meeting, District 15 has approximately $100 million in outstanding capital improvement work that is required to be completed as part of Illinois' Health-Life Safety code. The district cannot fund this work through its annual capital budget alone.

Elizabeth Hennessy, Raymond James Public Finance Managing Director, presented recommendations for non-referendum financing to fund remaining Health-Life Safety work. The multi-source funding approach presented includes a combination of Life Safety Bonds and Debt Certificates.

The Board will resume discussion surrounding this topic at a future meeting.

Thomas Jefferson Students Lead Pledge of Allegiance

Students from Thomas Jefferson Elementary School led the Board of Education in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance during its Sept. 11 meeting. One student from every homeroom class was selected to be participate to represent the diversity and inclusivity present at Thomas Jefferson School.

Student and Staff Recognitions

At its Sept. 11 meeting, Superintendent Dr. Laurie Heinz recognized several staff, students and community members doing outstanding work in District 15. Learn more about the recognitions by clicking the links provided below.

Sam Adame: Palatine High School senior, Sanborn PTA room improvements

Community Garden Volunteers: Rocio Castro, Sofia R., Santiago R., & Jackie R.

Van Le: District 15 Lead Custodian

Amarilis Vargas: Lake Louise Elementary School Secretary

Sue Hotten: Bus Driver

New Administrators Introduced to Board of Education

At its Sept. 11 meeting, the Board of Education held a reception to welcome new administrators to District 15.

Superintendent Dr. Laurie Heinz introduced eight new school building leaders and 13 central office administrators to the Board and the public during the event.