Dr. Shaw's Weekly Newsletter

October 19th - 23rd

Greetings Everyone!

It seem's like autumn has truly arrived! I love this time of year! It looks like the weather will be a bit cooler next week, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately in layers for the playground.

In today's Friday Folder, you will find a large envelope containing Title I documents. These documents are sent home to every family with a child attending Jackson. There is a cover letter from Dr. Markham explaining what is in the packet. Please sign and return the cover letter acknowledging the receipt of the documents. Just pop the signed letter in your child's Friday Folder, but keep the packet!

Also in today's Friday Folder are the first quarter report cards. Please keep the report card, and sign and return the envelope to me on Monday.

Don't forget that science fair proposals are due on Friday, the 23rd. The proposal form is on your child's eClass page. Hard copies were sent home last Friday, the 9th.

Speaking of eClass, there were a few issues with Wednesday night's social studies homework getting done. The students were assigned a discussion board topic that related to our study of sod houses. I gave them the opportunity to use the classroom laptops to post their thread and respond to at least one other student. Not every child completed the assignment.

It is important that your child is comfortable with the student portal, their on-line text books, the use of Classworks, and the eClass forum. The digital learning platform is here to stay. Your son or daughter will be using it through their public school career and in college. I will continue to challenge our class with new uses of the technology so that they are comfortable and adept at using it before they make the transition to middle school.

The first Box Tops Contest ends next Friday, the 23rd! Please send them in!

Next week, your child will take the Iowa Assessment. We will test first thing in the morning, Monday - Friday. Please make sure your child is on time those days.

Next week, the PTA is sponsoring a food drive to benefit local food banks and ministries. Please send in dried pasta, canned vegetables, canned meats, peanut butter, or personal care items to help support this great cause.

Don't forget that our lunch time is now 11:16 at table 3.

Here's what is coming up in academics next week:

In math, we will launch into the world of fractions by first comparing fraction values, understanding how any fraction compares to 1/2, and creating equivalent fractions. I have already taught several mini lessons on the skills. We will likely have a daily grade very early in the following week. I am assigning Classworks lessons via the eClass platform to support your child's learning of this topic. These lessons are great tutorials/reviews that can be done at home.

In social studies, we will continue chapter three, We've learned about the Transcontinental Railroad, homesteaders, and cattle trails. Next week we will learn about battles involving Native Americans.

In science, we will begin a two week study of helpful and harmful microbes. This unit will include an experiment where we will grow bacteria on agar plates. The class will learn just how important it is to wash their hands properly!

In reading, Mrs. Blankenship will continue lessons about theme and main idea. There is a DG on theme scheduled for the end of the week. The class will also begin their new literature circles which will focus on nonfiction text. The topic correlates with our social studies lessons on Westward Expansion.

In grammar, there is a combining sentences DG Monday. From there, the class will move to an introduction of correlative conjunctions.

Writing with dialogue will be the next focus. The students will begin writing a narrative that requires the proper use and punctuation of dialogue. This assignment will count as a test grade when completed. The students will have a free choice of topic for this task.

Word Study- Our next G/L roots are Pon/Pos/Posit and Sed/Sid/Sess. The DG will be Friday. The words are listed on Quizlet. A summative grade for spelling will also be taken from the writing narrative grade.

One last word from Mrs. Blankenship...Please remember the ten minute nightly ELA Classworks assignment should be completed Monday-Thursday. This will not be required next week due to Iowa Testing.

Upcoming Events/Deadlines

October 19th - Return the Title I parent letter (signed)

October 19th - Return the report card envelope on (signed)

October 19th - Bus Driver Appreciation Day

October 22nd - Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night - Satellite Blvd. Location 5 - 8 P.M.

October 23rd - Science Fair Proposals due

October 23rd - First Box Tops Contest ends

Have a great week!

Dr. Shaw