Data Team February/March

March 22nd, 2016

Resources! - real world , engaging math tasks many involving food! - like Kahoot, but better! It even uses memes to engage students! Quizzes can be assigned in the future, can be used as an assessment tool - catalogs existing apps through a special education lens, provides reviews, and frequently answered questions about the app (still developing, so there are not reviews on all) self monitoring strategy, lots of forms! - reading and writing instructional material, geared towards 3-5

Just so you know...

We may not be perfect, but our team rocks! At the last meeting, we were asked to present a problem we are having on our team, and SO many people brought up issues of team members refusing to come, refusing to participate, not liking/respecting one another, and so on....not us! When talking aloud to others, I realized how much we truly try to support one another, even if we do not have a an exact answer or solution all the time!