Always be ready

Jayden Hansen


I live in Norwalk Iowa. I live in quite a big house. It has three floors and a tornado shelter. I have lived there for four years. when it was getting built we had to live in a rental house. And way before that I lived in a smaller house. We had to move because my family was to big for the house.

I am 13 now but over the past few years is when my story takes place. It starts when i am four and ends around this time when i am 13.


My mom plays a big role in my life story. She owns an in home preschool called crayons 2 pencils preschool. There is around 70 kids who go to the preschool. She has five kids and i am the oldest of all of them. She usually makes dinner and helps us do every day stuff. My mom was the one who told me about how my dad had stolen $80,000 worth of stuff.

My Step dad is really smart. He works at principal and he also works for the air guard. He was deployed to Iraq when i was 7. He was then deployed to Afghanistan when I was 11. But he didn't have to go because my mom had to get her appendix taken out. He was then sent home because my mother was in a lot of pain. He was then sent to Mississippi over the summer to train to fix computers for the military because the base he worked at got rid of all the F-16 fighter jets. We then got to go down for two weeks to visit him. And we were taken to Disney world. He has been like my dad ever since my mother had married him 7 years ago. And I would rather have him be my real dad because my actual dad is is more of a let down.

My real dad is a real let down. Only because he has stolen over $80,000 worth of stuff. He is the main reason why my theme is always be ready. When I had visited him for the last time before I found out what he did I should have noticed the little things he had that should not be there. For example he had stolen the police lights and he had put them in his car. I thought at the time he just got those from the military. But it now turns out he stole those. And he also had little things that he stole that were to hard to notice if you weren't actually expecting it.


My first plot is when I moved back to Iowa for the remainder of my life. It was back when I was four. We first were living in a small three room apartment. Then after my mother married my step dad we moved into a bigger three level house. But one reason on why this supports my theme is because in my apartment my mother was always on the phone.Me and my sister were always wondering who she was talking to. And every time we asked her we got the same answer. She kept saying it was her mother. But the way she would talk on the phone was suspicious. But you know when your 5 you don't investigate so much.

My second plot is when my mother married my step dad. We did eventually find out who my mom was talking to and it was my step dad. And at the wedding I was the guy who got to carry the rings. There was some pretty good food at the wedding. There was a cake and sandwiches. The sandwiches were the best part though. Only because sandwiches are amazing. When my mother married my step father it contributes to my theme because then I had a father figure in my life again.

My final plot is also my turning point. It was when my mother told me that my father was in jail for stealing $80,000 worth of stuff. So it then thought back to the last time I visited him and I remembered some of the stuff he shouldn't have had. Like the police lights. Its my turning point because it was when I started to notice the little things more and more. And so I can always be ready for anything unexpected.