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Hilltop Library Facts

Annual Circulation: 10,000+ items

Item Count: 12,382

The school library supports the mission of creating intellectual entrepreneurs with a social conscience. Students and teachers need a space they can use to enrich the learning experience.

A Dream Library...

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Low, Moveable, Shelving for Books

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A Separate Library Classroom

Flexible Space

What Librarians Say...

"Make sure shelves are low and easily reached by little hands. Keep lines of sight open...."

"I would say no upholstered chairs. Too much dirt carried in by little ones..."

"...OPAC station with 4 computers..."

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More Librarians' Thoughts...

Fiction, nonfiction, biographies, and easy books are in four distinct areas....

A large 'book nook' area provides seating for an entire class or a small group.

The office is glass-fronted for visual control even if you need to go back there for something.

A workroom with sink, shelving and ample counter space.

A second work room can serve as a tech hub, media storage, classroom sets book room, etc.

Even More Librarians' Thoughts...

"... if you do have shades on the windows, make sure they are independent. I had 9 floor to ceiling windows. There were blinds that ran on electric motor but they were all on one switch. So everything was up or everything was down."

Our School Library Strives to Be... (But it could sure use help!)

Free Help Available!

The State Library of Ohio provides a free service where they assess library space & needs and then will take measurements, draw a redesign, and even consult on carpet, paint, and furnishings. Contact Katy Klettinger kklettlinger@library.ohio.gov