What was the change?

Reformation was the movement for religious and reform leading to the founding of christians. Which led to churches that didn't accept the pope authorities. For instances there were causes of the reformation like, social , political, economic and religious causes. The reformation had effects such as peasant populations,printing press and supporting of rulers. Reformation had some social changes through religion.

How Did The Change Impact Society At The Time Of The Reformation

The Reformation gave us the bible. The Reformation in Europe during the 16th century was one of the most epochs in the history of the world. Therefore now Catholic and protestant countries ,yet the reformation strengthened the state t the expense of the churches. Reformation and the counter reformation both encouraged the spread of education. Protestants rulers rejected the authority of the pope. The Jesuits played an important role in education by establishing catholic schools and universities.

How Is That Change Seen In Today's Modern Society

So far I've heard there are twenty five steps for the reformation from today. For instances, renew your mind by reading through the whole bible. Also the Reformation has a specific day ; which is called October 31 as the same as Halloween. The need of the reformation was to restore God's order. Reformation today Is an issued raised every now and the among protestants. Even though the reformation was a great in stating its faith. The reformation is a continuing among our lives today in modern world society.