The Georgia Colony

Intoduction: By Sydney

Georgia was the 13th colony with the mother country of Great Brittan. Georgia is the largest colony east of the Mississippi river so you have lots of room to farm and work. We are used as a a barrier against the Spanish so we have a good army to protect. We have very good farming land. The ecology of Georgia is widely varied in land. they have a strong government too! I can't find a down side to Georgia!

Founders and Reasons Founded By: Sydney and Abby

Come to Georgia we have an experienced founder, an amazing story and great barriers to protect ourselves and stay safe. The founder of our colony was James Oglethorpe, out of all the colony planters he lived till after the Revolution and saw the thirteen colonies become an independent nation. Oglethorpe is remembered in history chiefly as the founder of Georgia. Oglethorpe was still very young when he witnessed the Battle of Blenheim and siege of Belgrade. Later on he returned to England and joined the Parliament and rose above his fellow members and took a high stand. The main reason we came to Georgia is because we wanted to give all of our people a fresh start. We are also a great barrier to protect against Spain. We named our colony after King George. You should come to Georgia because in 1752 we became a Royal Colony.It is very important to be known a Royal Colony because it means the colony was administrated with a royal governor and are known as a "parent" state. Our colony was founded for religious freedom.

Politics and Government: Abby

We are proud of many things in our colony but one our our favorites is our government. We have an indirect democracy, where the people elect the assembly and the king elects the governor. And the best part is most people can vote! Freemen could vote, well with restrictions of property. Georgia has 3 branches of fair government. Legislative which is where laws and brought and or made by the people, Executive which is where passes the laws, and judicial makes sure all the laws are fair.Also after the Revolutionary War in 1783, we decided to write our own constitution which made life easier for our citizens. We are the first to enact a constitutional provision governing the tittle and content of bills, other states will follow after this innovation

Religion By: Abby

Georgia has a wide variety of religions practices. Any religion you can think of, We offer it! We are home of the African Baptist church which is one of the oldest baptists churches in America. It has been standing since 1788. And if you came to settle in Georgia, you could practice in a well, long standing church. We also have a religious "melting pot" that welcomes all people to our homeland. Their is also religious freedom to all protestants.

Geography and climate By: Sydney

Another upside to our colony is the geography and climate, we have lush fertile lands. being one of the larger colonies we have many forests, trees, vegetation, and wild animals. Our various swampy areas are great for farming, growing, and producing rice. The rivers that run though our colony are the Ogeechee, Savannah, Altamaha rivers. There are also many mountains running through our home but in the southeast there were flat lands, where they would hunt deer, bison, and beaver. Our climates are very warm and wet, great for farming rice and indigo (our main cash crop).

people By: Abby

The people of Georgia are amazing and extremely nice and welcoming. Most of the citizens were very friendly and allowed anyone, as long as they met Georgia's religion and economy expectations. The only downside would be towards the women since men out numbered them by 2 to 1. Also on every single Sunday, we have a silent day where most people stayed in their homes.

economy By: Sydney

We love to trade and do exchanges with other colonies and you could help with that! our main trade is concentrated on on agriculture and developed on plantations exporting tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, wheat, grain, fruit and livestock but most of all our cash crops are rice and indigo. all of the things that succeed in our colony is because of our land. we have tons of plantations consisting of the main house, a dairy, blacksmith's shop, laundry, smokehouses, and barns. most of our crops traded get back very useful things like shoes, lace, thread, farm tools, and dishes.

Native Americans By: Abby

You should move to Georgia because we learned most of our ways and practices from Native Americans. We learned how to fish better, plant crops easier, which also helped our profits boost. Also it allows you and your family members to become rich in mostly any job. The natives helps you be safe. Any time there is an intruder in our home land, the native Americans would be to the rescue and help fight off these rivalries and defend the Georgia colony.


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