Pioneer Express

Campus notes Oct 19th

Duty Stations

Schroeder Team 8 Front Pr Daycare Porch

Simek Team 8 Café 1 Front Westcreek

Spears Team 8 Café 2 Front Pr Traffic

Speed Team 8 Gym 1 Flag Pole Traffic

Tangredi Team 8 Gym 2 Bike Rack

Notes from Debi

Thank you to all of you for completing reports and conferences. I know this is a very difficult time of year and I appreciate all of the additional time and effort it takes to accomplish the goal of keeping parents informed of their children's progress. I know parents also appreciate all of the work that you do as well.

Carnival is looking to be super successful again this year. Thank you for supporting the PTA with all of your efforts from volunteer auction items to baked goodie collection!

If you missed the Welcoming Schools faculty meeting and you want to receive credit for attending the entire professional development series (and get credit for your GT 6 hr update!) please let me know and I can schedule a make up session and get you the credit.

I had one teacher volunteer to be our Campus Innovation Coach so I would like to congratulate Lindsay Lumbreras for accepting the additional roles and responsibilities. Please stay tuned for additional information from this new position.

On Thursday the 22nd we will have a calendar available for you to sign up for your PDAS 45 min. observation. If you would like to have a pre-observation conference please let me or Cheryl know.

An item from the comment box was to have ALL staff wear their Patton Pride t-shirt on Friday to show we are all one team. I love that idea! I will be wearing mine next Friday.

That's a Life - Cat is having a cup of coffee at the bar next to a window.

Attendance Updates

This week our enrollment is 974. Monica has enrolled 5 new students and have withdrawn 5 students so we are leveling out! Please continue send her the attendance notes and let her know if you have a student who is planning to withdraw.

Important Reminders

  • Please continue to make sure your students are escorted by an adult if they are walking between the portables and the main building.
  • If you see someone not badged please escort them to the office. If you can't escort them, call the front office immediately.
  • AHS PALS will be on campus Tuesday. Please welcome them to our campus.
  • Don't forget to send students to the nurse with a nurse pass. If you need more passes please let Nancy know.
  • Duty starts at 7:15 in the morning and 2:45 in the afternoon. Please check the new updated roster with the duty area descriptions. If you are on the front porch please face the cars and assist parents in retrieving their children and moving the car line forward.