For All of Your Help & Support with the Art Show!

THANK YOU to OUR FAMILIES: Albena Groshman, Cindy Seeberger, Dawn Zapotak, Adrienne Fletcher, Shelli Dixon, Jennifer Kiefaber Arlene Wright, Aimee Kretschman, Chandler Johnson, Skip McDowell, Erika Weaver, Heather Reeves, Julia Rix, and Sharon Feiner; OUR FACULTY: Cathy Langlois, Brittany Stout, Lois Peiffer, Gretchen Van Buren, Gail Cohen, Janice Mockaitis, Carolyn Trost, Fiona Grosso, Matt Paul, Megan Brogan, Arlene Bowler, Ed Baldwin, Joe Gaines, Kelly Mosteller, Becky Blumenthal, & the jack of all trades, Jim Mosteller, the tireless, Jen Cashman & the amazing, Joyce Strother. OUR STUDENTS: Kayla Mosteller, Jacob Feiner, Audrey Kretschman, Logan Kiefaber; OUR FRIENDS: Jeff the Framer & Amanda Layre FOR helping to put up the walls, hang the art, or working behind the scenes to support the show. It could not have happened without each one of you!!

Delicious Donations

THANK YOU to all the families who donated the scrumpious treats that were tremendously enjoyed at the Art Show including:

Alice Dougherty, Trina Golfpin, Suzanne Cordon, Karen DeFelice, Adrienne Fletcher, Xuhong Wang, Cathy Keim, Janice Mockaitis, Brittany Stout, Sharon Feiner, Chandler Johnson, Erica Sweigard, Aimee Kretschman, Carla LoPinto-Khoury, Heather Reeves, Julia Lookabill, Jenn Cheifetz, Kelly Mosteller, Susan Abdul, and I am sure I am missing someone else, so thank you to YOU, too! What an amazing group of generous families we have here at Meadowbrook. I am grateful for all of you and the food that made it a much sweeter event.

THANK YOU also to all of the families who came out to see the show on Saturday and Sunday. Hats off to all of the amazing young artists we have in our school!

a BIG HUGE Thank You- To all our Meadowbrook families who encourage their children's creativity and imagination and support art education! YOU ALL ROCK!!