Dayton Beach, Florida

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The beautiful Beaches

Daytona has some of the most famous and beautiful Beaches in the world! Daytona Beach reaches a distance of 23 miles long as being the largest beach in the country. Daytona Beach is also known for it's uniqueness, You are aloud to drive your vehicle on the beach, the boardwalk has lots of attractions, like there amusement park like rides with multiple indoor arcades.

The Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 takes place at the Daytona Speedway, this is one of Americas greatest races, the speedway is currently being renovated. The turns may look curved just a little but actually its curved on an angle like this, Ex. /. Almost all the seats have something special, every other seat is a different color, like green, blue, yellow, green, blue, yellow. The seats by the finish are colored to look like the finish line. I would suggest the tour to learn about the history and Dale Earhart.
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Great weather! -Connor Aiken

Nice Beaches -Alana Watlington

Peaceful and quiet -Mason Randolph