Where I Stand

By: Braden Pezzelato


I believe the environment is a critical concern for the Provincial government. Space for forests is very limited and the destruction of forests is slowly destroying large ecosystems that have been developed for years. Additionally, green space that exists in new communities is a fraction of the size of the green space that existed before the community was built. This is problematic because ecosystems can only sustain smaller and fewer animals, and results in the non-existence of large animals in these spaces. Larger animals are therefore forced out of their habitat and become fewer and fewer as communities and industries expand. Not only is the animal population in danger, the food chain is also disturbed because animals at the top of the food chain have fewer animals to prey on, resulting in their elimination in that ecosystem. Consequently, the population of smaller animals increases and their prey decreases. This creates an imbalance in the ecosystem and interferes with the population of plants, insects and amphibians. This imbalance of population continues until the ecosystem dies. I am concerned for southern Ontario because this area has little green space and small ecosystems have less of a chance for survival.
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Traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions are a large economic, and environmental issue. I believe that the government should expand current highways and main roads so the people of Ontario can get where they need to go, in a safe and timely manner. Traffic congestion creates numerous problems. These problems include: higher green house gas emissions, slowing down of the movement of goods and people, which slows down access of the cities and decreases productivity. Higher green house gas emissions is a result of cars waiting in traffic and continually idling. Not only is this a waste of gas, but it is also harmful to the environment. Traffic damages businesses because it slows down the transportation of goods, and delays the production of the business. Furthermore, traffic slows down the access of the cities to working population especially in southern Ontario. Many people live outside of main cities and work in them, so travel is necessary causing highways to crowd fast in rush hour, which in return influences people's lifestyle, for example, they wake up earlier to beat the traffic. I believe our government has established great highways, and they have put billions into the construction, however I think they could expand roads or highways that congest quickly and create different methods of transportation that are inexpensive so some people will transition from cars to other methods of public transit.
Transportation and Urban Solutions

Different solutions to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and goals.


Energy Conservation is one of the most significant areas the government has expanded on. In my point of view, this is mainly as a result of the establishment of the solar panel campaign, whereby solar panels are installed for free and payback is returned savings in electricity. As well, the government supported the production and construction of wind turbines all over the province. I believe wind turbines are not as effective as solar panels and fewer wind turbines should be constructed because they are not a substantial source of energy. Wind turbines produce inconsistent energy and they are expensive. A 100-Kw wind turbine can cost up to $350 000 and will only produce energy 20-30 percent of the time. In my opinion, the government should continue supporting solar panel installation and create new clean energy installation campaigns such as, geothermal heating. From my perspective, the Ontario Government should invest money in clean, reliable energy because it affects the future of the economy and the environment. Energy currently produced in Ontario consists of nuclear energy and the burning of natural resources. These sources of energy negatively impact the environment and natural resources will be continually depleted and therefore, are not sustainable, so our dependence on them should decrease and consideration for other sources should be researched.



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